Water underfloor heating in Smart Home system.
Time and Resources economy.

Why water underfloor heating is needed?

Are you dreaming for a long time for water underfloor heating in your home? Most people install electric underfloor heating, because they are easier to install and material costs are less. But you have to know, that water underfloor heating on bigger rooms could save up to 10-15% of used energy and that's why spent funds quickly pay for themselves. You will be able to set temperature parameters for automated water underfloor heating remote with you smartphone.

Automated water underfloor heating – simple control

Floor, which are heated with water, is called warm water floor. Such a floor could evenly heat the room and its easy to control. Imagine, that you are coming out from home and push just one button on a controlling panel or smartphone, so in time you are out – Smart Home will reduce temperature up to +15. And you will have no need to run through all the rooms and set a lower temperature manually. And, for example, in one hour before your arrival you can set a command to warm up the floor in the room up to desired temperature and you will come back to house, which will be welcoming you with its warm.


Water underfloor heating automation with Power Project

Only professional should install and automate water underfloor heating, because its important to make right project of the system in order it would be cost effective and give the necessary heat in the room. Heat carrier temperature must be calculated separately for every zone, because in every room could be different cover and, as a result, energy couldn't be saved. With Power Project company your house will be enveloped not only with warm of water underfloor heating floors, but also with maximal comfort. You can buy different Smart Home system at one time and you will have no need to hire a number of different companies. To test a Smart Home with your own hands and watch different systems in motion apply to our showroom with this link, which is situated in the centre of Kyiv.

Heating scenarios

Set your personal scenario to smart water underfloor heating and Smart Home will warm up in the morning all the rooms at different time. For example, bathroom and kitchen at 6 am and children's room at 7.30. Time difference seems to be small, but you could feel it looking on the total amount costs in the energy bill. Intellectual automatics of Smart Home will not allow house to freeze during cold season in time of your absence and it will inform you about any malfunction in the heating system. Water underfloor heating are mostly installed in private houses, because it is prohibited to install such a floor in apartments, because of central heating.

Automated water underfloor heating advantages:

  • You will get a better quality of heating compared with electric floors.
  • Control water underfloor heating remote with you smartphone
  • Floors at your house will be warm and all members of your family could walk around barefoot, don't worrying about catching a cold
  • Energy costs can be significantly reduced
  • There will always be normal humidity in rooms, because water underfloor heating interacts with air-conditioning, ventilation, humidification
  • You can create your own water underfloor heating switch-on scenarios

Smart water underfloor heating automation costs

We are engaged in water underfloor heating automation, not installation. You will be able to set desired temperature for different rooms remote and add your personal heating switch-on scenarios. To find out approximate cost water underfloor heating system in Smart Home, order free calculation of the system or manager's call-back.

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