Warmed-up walls in Smart Home.
Forget about the fungus and mold on your walls!

Why warmed-up walls but not heating radiators?

How your home should be like? For sure it should bring comfort, peace, comfort and, of course, warm. But most of modern houses and apartments require additional insulation. Sometimes there is not enough free space to install underfloor heating, but most of heating radiators are not effective or have large heat losses. Optimal solution in this case will be installing of warmed-up wall in your home. Warmed-up walls differ from radiators in higher heat transfer, their efficiency is up to 85%, and most important, it will relieve your walls from mold and mildew.

What warmed-up walls is and why it is needed?

Warmed-up wall – are almost the same, as the underfloor heating. It differs only in one way - heating elements are arranged in the wall. Wall heating can be based on electrical cables or infrared panels, as well as water heating system. The last one you can use even in the summer, cooling the air, instead of air conditioning. Due to the fact, that the heating of the warmed-up walls has no convective exchange, you can keep the room temperature within 19-21 ° C instead of 22-24 ° C. You will have no dried air in the room and you could save up to 8-10% on the energy resources of the boiler. With warmed-up walls in your home, you could warm up two rooms at one time and this is one more economy component.


Warmed-up walls with Power Project company

If you want, your warmed-up wall will work properly, save energy and be reliable, you need to apply to Power Project company. With us you will be able not only to remote control warmed-up walls, but also you could buy some another Smart Home systems. Home engineering systems automation will give you a comfort of staying at home and full controlling it. To test Smart Home system with your own hands, apply to our showroom with the link. It is situated right in the centre of Kyiv.

Warmed-up wall in Smart Home system

Usually warmed-up walls are part of Smart Home system , that's why you will be able to keep desired temperature in a room and optimal microclimate with one push of the button on your smartphone. Leaving home, you could give the command to switch all the systems to economy mode or, for example, in an hour before your arriving, Smart Home will warm up the room up to desired temperature. In case of failure of any system Smart Home, for example, can shut down the power supply and inform you about this with sms message.

Warmed-up walls. Main advantages:

  • ВHigh heat irradiation
  • The efficiency of 85%, compared to the radiators, which are able to give only 50-60% of its heat
  • You can save up to 10% of the gas in the heating season
  • Air will be not too dry and there will practically no dust circulation in the room
  • The biggest temperature difference of 15 degrees among all the types of heating systems (underfloor heating in only 10 degrees)
  • Due to the fact, that the heating element is inside the wall, you can directly heat the two rooms
  • You can create an interesting interior, due to the lack of radiators
  • There will be no reason for renovation, because if something will happen, Smart Home certainly will inform you about this
  • Your walls will always be dry and fungus or mold will not be formed on them

To buy warmed-up walls. What is their cost?

With a construction of warmed-up heating it is important to choose the most economical way of heating, for this reason, temperature conditions of external walls calculation is required. Price of warmed-up walls in Smart Home depends on choose of water-based, infrared mats or electric cables and could range in different variations. To find out approximate cost of warmed-up walls order manager's call-back. By using the form of free calculation you could see at one time the price of couple of systems, which you want to your Smart Home.

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