Electric underfloor heating.
Fast warming up of the room for 30 minutes before your arriving home.

Why electric underfloor heating system is needed?

Are you tired to walk on a cold floor? Or you children like to play on the floor and you are worry about their health. Underfloor heating gained the trust of consumers, as an additional source of rooms heating for a long time. Electric floor distributes heat evenly over your room, unlike radiators, and Smart Home helps you easily remote control it.

Types of underfloor heating:

  1. Cable. The most familiar and common type of electric underfloor heating, where the heating cable and temperature sensor are placed under the floor covering. Cable electric floors is best to use under tiles, granite tiles, laminate.
  2. Infrared Infrared foiled floors are heating directly cover of the floor, remaining practically unheated. They are energy efficient and transform to heat almost 95% of the energy. Infrared flooring are more economical, than underfloor cable heating, laying of a concrete screed is not required and they are heating any surface for a few minutes. These floors are easy and quick to install and good to use under the linoleum, laminate, wood, carpet.
  3. Heating mats are made in roll form, where a thin cable is attached to the mesh of synthetic fibers. Such a mats are easy to install and they have a small thickness. The cable itself can be solid wire or twisted pair. The first option is much cheaper, but it has a higher electromagnetic radiation than the twisted-pair cable. The heating cable mats are well suited for tiling.

Warm floors with Power Project company

Do you want comfort and cosiness in your home? With Power Project company you can automate not only underfloor heating system, but also lighting control, ventilation, air conditioning, climate control, security systems, audio/video. This systems are designed to facilitate your life and to make their use comfortable and convenient for you. Imagine, that with working with Power Project you will have no need to conclude contracts with several companies and coordinate their work with each other. We are installing all the necessary home engineering systems. Cooperation with designers of our company help you to make your home stylish, modern and functional!

Underfloor heating system in Smart Home

Do you want remote manage the warm floor with your smartphone? The interaction with Smart Home system allows you to make control easy and functional. Imagine, that system will warp up the room before your arriving, you will just need to give a command with your smartphone. Or you could set a time of underfloor heating switching-on. For example, at 6 in the morning on the weekdays warming of the floors will be automatically switched-on. And before your wake up time, floor will be warm and create warm and cosy atmosphere.

Smart electric floors are able to take into account not only temperature of heating elements, but also temperature of the room. You will have no situation, when underfloor heating will be turned-off before room will be heated to desired temperature. Smart floors in Smart Home quickly paying off the spent costs, because they create you an amazing comfort and in addition, with correct using, they save up to 25-30% more energy, than radiators. If any equipment fails, Smart Home will block the power supply and inform you about it.

Warm floor in Smart Home system advantages:

  • The room is heated rapidly, and the heat in your room is distributed evenly.
  • Easy installation of underfloor heating system.
  • You can quickly and easily set the desired parameters for heating even with your smartphone on a distance.
  • Create you personal underfloor heating turn on scenarios.
  • The warm air will rise upward, heating cold floors firstly.
  • Electric floors are safe and environmentally friendly, and will not bring you any harm.
  • Warm floors do not dry the air in a room, healthy microclimate will remain in your home.
  • In case of any malfunction Smart House will block power supply.
  • You can install electric floor practically in all apartments and private homes, as opposed to water underfloor heating.

Warm electric floors cost

Do you want installed underfloor heating will be as less energy expending, as it possible? Order manager's call-back and you will become an answer what kind of electrical floor and which automated features will be best for your home. Order free calculation on the top of the page, and during filling in the form, you could choose couple of systems for you home, at one time. We are engaged not only in underfloor heating installation. We provide its automation and interaction with different Smart Home systems, to bring maximum comfort into your home. To watch live all the systems, apply to our showroom in the centre of Kyiv, with a click on blue button on the top of the page.

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