Video switching system.
Watch different video sources on any TV screen

Why video switching system needed?

Power Project company creates ideal and comfortable accommodations for you. Smart Home could not only control lighting and household appliances, but also it could automate and connect different functionality systems. Thanks to video switching system you will control your house even being out, you also could get use any TV screen.

Matrix video switching system – useful advantage of Smart Home system. It allows you to switch on any video source on one or all outputs at once. Imagine, you could watch movies and contemporaneously display on the screen a children's room, to know what's going on with your kids. Or display on the scree CCTV and get sured, that everything is ok. Enable video switching and intercom, with a ring of the bell sound of audio or video will be turned lower automatically and displayed your visitor. You can manage all the information with one convenient panel, remote control or your smartphone.


Why you need to apply to Power Project?

Our company installing not only video switching systems. You can install with us different systems of Smart Home: lighting scenario control, climate control, air condition control, home cinema and acoustic equipment and even necessary modern home helper – central vacuum cleaner. You can watch this systems live in our showroom in Kyiv's centre and even could try to control a Smart Home. Apply to showroom visiting on the top of the page and find out what video switching system is with your own eyes.

Video and Music follows you

Video switching system works in way to support you with video and audio signal during moving from one room to another. Imagine, that during film watching you want to change living room to bedroom. Smart Home will translate signal in the room, you are staying, without watching break. Signal will be broken in the room you have left, accordingly.

Video switching system advantages:

  • Display video sources on any TV screen
  • With video switching system you could change rooms without brake of film or news watching
  • Video signal will be following you
  • You can see, who is ringing to intercom, during watching of a film
  • CCTV could be displayed on any TV screen

Video switching system cost

Price depends on video switcher, which you want to use, and the complexity of its interaction with other systems. To find out approximate video switching system cost use free calculation form on the top of the page, and point the systems you want to see in your home.

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