Purge ventilation control.
Pure and fresh air in your home!

Why ventilation system is needed?

Are you often staying in stuffy rooms? Are you tired of regular windows opening and room airing and become dust and noise in addition? This affect not only your health, but also your well-being and emotional mood. There is a solution. Forget about stuffy and over-dried air with automated purge ventilation. Its not only supplies room with pure and fresh air, but also controls level of temperature and moisture in different rooms.

Installation and Automation of purge ventilation with Power Project company

The main problem in purge ventilation installation is laying of air ducts, that's why installation of such a system should provided with professionals in this area. Power Project experts are highly qualified and familiar with the working nuances. Our company is engaged in preparation of necessary documents, installation and service of purge ventilation system.


Smart Home and purge ventilation

Do you want in your home fresh air will be constantly maintained without your intervention? Ventilation in Smart home will be responsible for fresh air maintenance in a room. Special sensors will automatically take into account the level of required ventilation in different rooms and automatically control it. So, during a day time air refreshing frequency will be decreased and with your presence ventilation will be working more actively.

You can set a schedule of purge ventilation working specifying certain hours of operation. Right on your way back home you can set the temperature of air, which will be supplied to the room with a smartphone. Imagine, that with your arriving there will be fresh and pure air in the rooms and with your absence economy mode will be turned on. Smart Home will care about your safety. If gas leak detectors will be triggered, purge ventilation system will be turned on automatically and will be working with maximum capacity.

How purge ventilation works?

Purge ventilation includes 2 types of ventilation at once. First – takes fresh air from a street and distributes it in your home, second - removes dirty and dusty air from the house. Collaboration of these two types of ventilation provide complete good air circulation in your home. And to create fresh and pure atmosphere there systems uses filtration and air ionization to saturate the room with oxygen.

Purge ventilation is mostly installed in the spaces with high concentration of people, kitchens, bedrooms, special cellars. To reach your goal, you need supplied air to be prepared. For example, ventilation could be one more heating source, if your system will include an air heater, which preheats air , coming from the street.

Purge ventilation advantages:

  • You will become a constant air supply of fresh and pure air in different rooms
  • Dirty air with harmful particles will be removed from your house to outside
  • Purge ventilation is safe for you and your family, because system is formed from environment friendly materials
  • You can safe energy with heat recovery method

Heat recovery method

Do you want to increase efficiency of purge ventilation on 10-15% and save up to 80% of the outgoing air heat? So, Heat recovery ventilation is a perfect option for you, because recuperator stays in the centre of system and its task is energy saving. Work of such a system based on warm air coming out and taking a part in heat exchange process, warming up the incoming stream of pure cold air, the two streams do not mix with each other at the same time.

Purge ventilation system cost.

Price for installation and automation of ventilation system depends on the area of involved room and functions, which you want to automated. To find out approximate cost of system use form of free calculation. To get answers on the questions, you are interested in, order free manager's call back.

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