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Smart Home – What is that?

Smart Home – automated intellectual system, which is created to control home engineering systems. Smart Home unites all electronic systems (Multiroom, Conditioning, Lighting, CCTV and so on) in one and allows to control it just with one device. You could switch on and control work of systems on one sensor panel, computer, tablet or smartphone.

All the systems in Smart Home are working harmoniously and coordinated to do all the actions for you. They increase quality of life in your own home, create more comfortable conditions and herewith saving resources and energy costs. Systems, depends on previously established preferences, could decide on their own which action to perform, for example, to switch on air conditioning or shut off the water, when it is leaked. Create your personal lighting scenarios and with switching on “Evening” scene, for example, curtains will be closed automatically, lights will be switched off in the house and switched on street lighting outside.


Smart home Capabilities:

  • Manage all the systems in the house with click on just one button from any place in the world
  • The best temperature and humidity for you will be always kept in the room
  • You can remotely control lights and blinds, setting their switch on depends on time of a day
  • Set your lighting scenarios and create the necessary atmosphere
  • Your home will run smoothly even in case of power surges and power outages
  • Multiroom allows you to listen to different, or the same music in different rooms, without installing the audio equipment in every room
  • It ensures safety of your home and create a presence simulation in your absence
  • When you leave house for a long time, all the system shifts to Eco mode, unnecessary heating and power consumers will be turned off and protection mode will be activated
  • Warm up sauna, bath or warm floors before you arrive home
  • You can set lawn watering, depends on weather conditions
  • You can communicate with each other. while staying at the same time in different rooms through intercom
  • Smart home can prevent the leakage of gas and water, informing you with sms-message and call the necessary emergency service
  • By controlling the operation of all systems and equipment, Smart Home provides maximum power savings
  • This is far not all the services that PowerProject company could provide

Power Project's Smart Home

Our company achieves the highest results in work, thanks to coherent and coordinated work of all project participants and an integrated approach to accomplish the goal. You will receive competitive product prices and high quality services, because we are working on automation level more then for 10 years. We know nuances to consider, when choosing the right equipment for Smart Home to make it work safely and with maximum comfort for you.There are a lot of designers, architects, superintendents in our team, which on the stage of construction or renovation could satisfy your every need.

How we are working?

  1. Предварительный этап. Согласовываем с Вами функциональность системы, оборудование, бюджет, сроки работы и составляем техническое задание.
  2. Designing. We develop a working draft, coordinated with you, designer and architects.
  3. Cable works. Laying and perform installation of all the necessary cables.
  4. Equipment Order. We buy und supply equipment.
  5. Installation. We make installation and equipment connection.
  6. Programming. We develop necessary scripts for equipment operations.
  7. Commissioning of equipment. We set up and test systems operations.
  8. Release Date. Your acquaintance with equipment, we are showing and teaching you all the functions.
  9. Service support. Troubleshooting, upgrading of equipment and technical support.

Smart Home components.

Engineering systems secure normal and comfortable life activity for everyone. The lack of heating or Television in the house could be treated like lifelessness or the non-functionality of the room. But engineering systems role is increasing in modern world, they occupy more free space and their projecting is a complex process with taking into account a number of factors.

Modern Home engineering systems List:

Automatics increase level and livability your life doing lots of typical things for you. Engineering systems automation means delivery of the typical things to intellectual system, it brings you highest comfort, economy and safety. You could remote control and switch on various systems and devices with sensor panel, smartphone or universal controller.

Engineering systems could be accessed to one of two controlling ways: centralized, when every system perform its function and has personal equipment, or distributed control. In this case used collective equipment, and engineering systems could interact with each other. You chose the command, and system decides on its own, what to do. You will be not in the situation, when your home is air conditioned and heated at the same time. This cooperation of the system is widely used through Smart Home.


3 Reasons to install Smart Home system.

  1. Comfort. You will be not need to have multiple consoles for every device. Lead all engineering systems in a building with a unified control panel or a universal remote: switch on specific lighting scenarios, open your garage or maintain optimal indoor climate.
  2. Safety. You could create presence simulation, when you are not home. Security systems will turn on your house alarm and by sms alert you in case of an emergency situation. Smart home can prevent of water or gas leakage, cutting off their supply to the house, or turn off the electricity, to prevent short-circuit. You will be able to control and monitor the condition of the house remotely via mobile phone or computer.
  3. Economy. Turning off all the devices, you are not using, Smart House can save up to 30% on electricity and heating bills. It can control lights, heating, depending on weather conditions and your home. For example, via motion sensors to turn on lighting only in the places you are in, or in the warm days to reduce temperature of house heating.

Smart Home System Cost

Price for this system calculates individual for every client, because Smart Home price, depends on its functionality, using area, level of works difficulty and equipment, you want to use. Our experts helps you to find the most suitable Smart Home solution for Your budget. To find out approximate cost of the system, order free calculation and our manager will get in contact with You in a short time.

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