Mirror TV.
Turn any of your mirrors into high-tech device

Why mirror TV are needed?

Have you ever dreamed about interior, which is not overfilled with unnecessary details, but creates harmony and appeasement? But sometimes you black TV screen isn't fit to your plans? Designers are trying to create new solutions now and realize seemingly unrealistic ideas. That's how mirror TV is appeared. Designed in form of a mirror or picture it will perfectly fit into any interior and will surprise your guests with reviving picture.

Where mirror TV is installed?

Mirror and matrix of TV are connected in special way without the gap between these parts, that's why you can install such a TV anywhere you want. Installation options suggest, that you can hang mirror TV just on the wall or deep it into the niche, so it could look like just a mirror. Mirror TVs are water resistant, so you can hang it in your bathroom. Hang it in your living room and surprise your guests with reviving mirror. You could translate your family photos on, set a picture of a famous artist or create an aquarium, which requires no maintenance and troubles. Sometimes there is no place for a mirror, that's why such a TV will be great solution of this problem.


Mirror TV in bathroom – morning latest news recharge.

Have you ever been thinking of TV in bathroom installation? However you certainly limited yourself, because this room is too wet for such electronics. Now you can make your dreams come true with mirror TV installation. Imagine yourself, your children brush its teeth and cartoon appears on the mirror. Morning water procedures will be favorite for them now. Or you, for example, could watch latest new every morning. You can install such a TV even in a shower cabin and don't care about moisture ingestion, because it is supplied with moisture and spray protective cover. You supply it even with sensor control and choose needed functions just with touch of your fingers just in bathroom.

Mirror TV in Smart Home

Such a TV is a perfect attribute of Smart Home, because of its high functionality and lots of advantages. You can install sensor control, connect a computer with Internet access or connect mirror TV to video surveillance and Multiroom. Imagine, that you could listen to the music or control household territory even in your bathroom.

Why Power Project?

Everyone of us wants to surround yourself with great people and the best things. Our company thinks the same. With choose of Power Project mirror TV you will certainly emphasize your excellent taste and style. Depends on your fantasy, our company will select the most suitable option, even if you want to find extraordinary solutions. You can choose a mirror of amy form and size, and make it colorful if you want to, decorate with patterns, artificially aged it or add some lighting on the perimeter of the TV. Our experts will consider all your requests and turn them into reality. Call us with phone number down the page and very soon modern high-tech wonder will be installed in your home surprising even your familiars!

What mirror TV is?

Mirror TV is a functional hyperfine (3-5 sm) construction, which saves actuated space, it perform a role of technical device and by the way is element of decoration. It looks like an ordinary mirror from outside, but inside could be placed built TV with diagonal of any size from 7 to 100 inches. You need just to turn it on and mirror will be revived and sparkle with colorful paints. You can choose the outer cover of any color, size and form, you can even decorate it with a frame or baguette.

No one manufacturer is possible to avoid glare on the screen, because its a mirror after all. That's why you need think of well, where to find place far enough from window and sun rays. But mirror TV's specific advantage is water resistance. You could install it in your bathroom or SPA-zone and don't worry about moisture ingress inside it. Special system and additional ventilation inside the TV don't let it steam. Mirror TV is a practical and stylish attribute of you house. It will emphasize your individuality and certainly surprise all guests!

Mirror TV. You will get such an advantages:

  • It saves space, because it is technical device and decoration element at the same time.
  • TV will perfectly fit into any your interior in form of mirror or picture.
  • TV is protected with water resistant glass, which is not steamed in a bathroom or SPA-zone and don't needed ventilation.
  • Such a TV has ultra slim Corps.
  • Reviving mirror will certainly impress your guests and partners.
  • It is protected with special glass, which will not break into splinters.
  • You could integrate mirror TV into Smart Home system.

Mirror TV be will perfectly fit to your business

Rich and stylish environment gives you confidence, and mirror TV helps you to fill it. When this TV is turned off it looks like mirror, but as soon as it will shine with colorful colors your visitors, guests or the staff will give you their enthusiastic views and admiration. Or. for example, tablet table in conference room will be convenient and original acquisition. Mirror TV will be additional entertainment source in such a places like SPA, saunas, hotels and restaurants. You can use it for advertising, because mirror TV will definitely take some human's attention and he will take information on the screen into account.

Mirror TV cost

Price of such a TV depends on manufacturer, its size, design of mirror coating options, features and the desired technical parameters. It could range between 2500$ and more. Order manager's call-back and he will answer on all questions of your interest and will tell you approximate price of mirror TV.

Order manager's call-back
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