Fire and safety alarm.
Smart Protection of your Home!

Why fire and safety alarm are needed?

Have you ever think of, how to protect your accommodation from burglars? You can, certainly, install video surveillance cameras, and when reviewing the record you will see, who have penetrated into your home. But surely, the attacker will be masked, and you will be not able to see his face and law enforcement agencies will be useless. You could protect your home with installation of fire and safety alarm in Smart Home system.

How fire and safety alarm in Smart Home are working?

Protected territory will be supplied with special movement, opening and breaking sensors. In case of penetration on your territory, smart safety system will turn on the alarm with special sound notification, switch on all the lights in the house, in order to make attacker's face clear for video surveillance cameras and disorient him. System will notify you with SMS message about the incident, send video on your smartphone and call to the special forces, in order to catch criminals at the crime scene. In case of fire or ignition Smart Home will block electricity in all house, call the fire brigade and if there are people in the house, they will be informed with intercom connection.


Smart alarm with Power Project

With Power Project safety and fire alarm you could protect your home – and, therefore, your family! If have just finished building or renovation and think, that there is no more possibility to conduct wires for alarm, our company will offer you alternate option – wireless alarm. Power Project company perform all this works: drawing up the contract, design, purchasing and setting up of equipment and delivery of object. To get acquainted with Smart Home systems closer, come to our showroom in the centre of Kyiv. You can apply to it with this link.

Doors and windows Open / Closed sensors

Magnetic contact sensors on the doors and windows, helps you to be informed, about the moment, when you forget to close the door or closed window not tightly. If you have decided to let window be opened, sensor will be turned off automatically, to eliminate false alarms. In case, when you are switch-on alarm in the house, highly sensitive sensors will work with any motion or opening of the entrance doors and will translate signal to central control panel, which will take further action and will inform you about incident.

Fire and safety alarm advantages:

  • You will protect your home during your absence
  • There will be installed special open/close doors and windows special motion detectors in your house
  • In case of burglars in the house, Smart Home will turn on sound and light notifications, call to the special forces and will inform you with SMS message about incident
  • Video surveillance cameras will record the attacker and this record will be available on your smartphone
  • In case of fire or ignition smart system will block electricity in the house, call to fire brigade and send a message to your smartphone
  • You can turn on alarm systems with special keyring

Fire and safety alarm cost

Price of such a systems depends on functionality, you want to get. Will it be alarm, which just reacts and informs you about incident. Or you want ot integrate it with Smart Home, which will be able to to make certain decisions, by its own. To find out approximate cost of safety systems order free calculation on the top of the page or order manager's call-back, and he will answer on all your questions.

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