Lighting control scenarios.
Create your personal lighting scenes based on your preferences and daily schedule!

Why lighting scenarios are needed?

How many light need one man at home? Previously, one-two lighting devices were completely enough. Now, everyone wants to create distinguished lighting zones and install big quantity of luminaires to control the lighting, depends on your mood, create required atmosphere in your room or highlight unusual designer's idea. Often, you need to spend some time to set lighting regime. Lighting control scenario remember sources of light, which are turned on, during some of your activity. So, in future, you need to push just one button to create required atmosphere.


Why lighting scenario are needed?

  • Speed. You can turn on involved lighting sources with just one button in any scenario.
  • Comfort. You have no need even stand up from coach to get right lighting, because you can control lighting from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Functionality. You can create any ambiance in your room highlight and emphasize design worth of any room.
  • Economy. You can set a scenario, which can pick up lighting automatically, depends on daytime or season.

Why Power Project?

Contact with our company and you will get professional consultation, providing all preparatory work and documentation, rapid and timely object delivery. We are on automation market for 10 years, that's why our specialists know the most effective functional equipment, that will suit harmonically for you wishes. Power project will make your home truly clever!

Presence imitation

Do you want to make your home safe from burglars? When you are going to vacations or leaving your house you can turn on “Presence imitation” or “No one home” scenes. It will turn off all devices and lighting in your home, engineering systems will be out into economy mode and house alarm will be turned on. System will turn on and off lighting in different rooms, open and close curtains while you are absent. You can also install alarm button, which will turn on all lighting in case of penetration of robbers.

Lighting Scenario Control Advantages:

  • You can set different lighting level for different goals
  • You can turn on right scenario with one button
  • You can control scenarios with your smartphone or tablet
  • You can set presence imitation, to save your house from burglars break-in
  • You can use with lighting scenarios curtains, louvers, home cinema or ventilation

Lighting Scenarios with Smart home systems integration

If you synchronize lighting scenario with other systems of Smart Home you can set in “Movie” scenario turning on TV and small lamps and closing curtains. Or just imagine, with “Morning” scenario alarm clock will be turned on, curtains will be opened and all small lamps will be turned off. You even can synchronize Smart Home system with conditioning or ventilation.

Lighting scenario control system cost

Price of such a systems depends on your goals and quantity of involved scenes. If you want to get approximate price, order free project pricing with a form in top of the page. You can order a call-back or contact with online-consultant to get answers on all questions.

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