Projectors and screens.
Become a hero of movie in your personal cinema hall

Why projectors and screens are needed?

Most people pay more attention to bigger objects. For example, big screen diagonal TVs are not innovative anymore, because mostly people could afford it to themselves. But people, who decided to install projector with screen, will be not wanting anything smaller, because such an equipment says not only about well-being. Projector helps to provide the required size of displayed image with completely immersive into the performance on the screen.

Project and screen interaction with other Smart Home systems

With automation of projector and screen included into Smart Home system you could turn on “Home cinema” scenario with push of one button. Imagine, that curtains in your room will be closed, lighting will be dimmed up the most comfortable for watching movies, projector and screen will go lower automatically. With activating of multiroom system you could choose films from general library on the media-server, and you need only comfortably sit in your chair or on your sofa and enjoy watching.


Screen size. Help with a choose.

You need to choose a size of the screen relying on distance between spectator and screen surface and size of the room. Mostly the size of the screen should be two times smaller then distance to spectator. “Three diagonals” says that diagonal size should be three times smaller, then distance between screen and spectator. Horizontal viewing angle should not exceed 60 degrees, that's why during watching the film you will be not turn the head from side to side to catch all the details. If you are 1,7 meter distance from the screen, so its wide should be more then 2 meters. If you will choose wrong size of the screen or projects, which characteristics don't fit to the size of the screen, you could get indistinct and distorted display. To chose the right projector and screen and to make a dream of personal cinema hall come true, call us with a phone number down the page and you will appreciate quality of service and equipment of Power Project company.

Projecting screen - the irreplaceable assistant in your business!

Projector could be installed not only with Home cinema system. You could set it in your office and demonstrate to the workers certain aspects of the work, lead the statistics, conduct trainings, etc. It will certainly have influence on increase of staff efficiency and your income, after all!

Why Power Project?

Power Project could help you to choose the best equipment in the form of a plasma TV or projector with screen for your Home cinema. Our experts will recommend you the kind of projector and screen for one room or another. Power Project company helps your dreams come true and take all your wishes into account. You could enjoy watching movies with us and don't worry about anything other. Smart Home will do everything for you.

Projector and screen. Advantages its of installation.

Projector display on a screen from any device. While watching film with projector you could feel “presence effect”, which is hardly to reach even on modern TV with huge diagonal.

Acoustic system installed by Power Project translate qualitative sound and make it maximal surrounding on all sides. You can hear different sounds of birds, insects, machines from different sides. Also it will be interesting to play games on a big screen. You can feel the atmosphere, which was planned to be translated by game developers.

For better watching of films its it is important to take care that the projector will be not placed on a table, because little touch could distort the picture. Or, for example, your child or cat could accidentally turn on the projector, or touch the wires. If you will install it on the wall or ceiling you could hide or fix all the wires and adjust its angle of inclination and rotation. Projector's look should please your eyes and fit into the overall interior of your room.

Advantages of projector and screen installation:

  • You can deep into atmosphere on the screen and feel yourself like hero of the movie
  • If you want to make automation and connect projector with screen into Smart Home system, with set of the “Watching film” mode, louvers will be automatically closed, light will be dimmed, projector will be turned on and screen will go lower.
  • You will forget forever about reflections on the screen, because its surface is light antireflective
  • The uniform distribution of light will give a good homogeneity of images with wide viewing angles in the right direction
  • The black frame on a canvas of the screen brings the picture more contrast and saturation.
  • You can display even huge image
  • You can install projector in your office and demonstrate to the workers certain aspects of the work with presentation or video

Projecting screens. Differences and Variety.

Choose a screen for viewing of the characteristics described below:

  • Design Options. Stretch and roller screens. In stretch fabric constructions canvas evenly pull on the frame. Rolling screens can be rolled up into a roll.
  • Control management. Manual, which are controlled by a handle or the spring mechanism; Electromotive s screens with have quite and powerful motors to raise and lower the canvas. Electrically operated via the remote.
  • Types of covers. Textile and vinyl cover (matt and glossy). Textile matte finish has a clear picture and good color reproduction. Vinyl highly reflective surface on a perfectly stretched.
  • Screen Format. The most common 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9. It is considered the most versatile format 4: 3, because it can display 16: 9.

Screen and Projector automation cost

To find out approximate price of such a system order free calculation, with a click on “To try” button on the top of the page. You can point on several systems, which you want to install in your Home at one time. Price will depend on functions, you want to see at your home, for example, to make curtains closed, light – dimmed, projector and screen go lower with turning in “Home cinema” scenario. Order manager's call-back to get answers on a questions, you are interested in.

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