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Why Multiroom System is Needed?

Music is an integral part of every men way of life. Cooking on kitchen, rest on couch or in bathroom, conversation with guests is pleasantly to combine with background music. Sometimes, if you want to listen to the music, you should to go to the next room with musical centre, turn it louder to hear at least something. Imagine, you can turn on music from the room you staying in. Multiroom system makes it possible. You can control all the audio and video technic with one device, watch image on TV from any room or CCTV Cameras.

Multiroom system is one of the main and important functions on Smart Home. It spread audio/video signal and translate it into any room. Multiroom gives you opportunity to control and handle connected zones from one panel. Now, you can listen to the music in all rooms with acoustics or personally choose its volume in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, garage. Multiroom is definitely space economy. Imagine, you shouldn't buy extra sound amplifiers for every room. All devices will be installed in one room and with special signals will be translating to different rooms.

You can control multiroom with sensor panel-controller, remote controller or smartphone. Despite the diversity of devices it is very easy to handle with, and after couple days of usage, you will get in common with all functions and can make everything automatically. There is access to all video and audio files in multiroom connected room, that's how everyone in your home can watch movies and listen to the music they like. Moreover, you can connect your phone or video player to the system and translate from this device in every room.

Imagine, you can choose tune a tune and volume of sound in different rooms. For example, you can get up with light awaking tune in the morning and in the evening, Smart Home will greet you with cheerful and pleasant motives of your favourite songs, for your comfort rest.

мультирум powerproject

Why Power Project?

Power Project specialists will choose necessary materials and equipment for audio space equipment. We use multi-based equipment such as Elan86, Crestron Prodigy, Russound CAM, Nuvo Essentia and acoustic systems like Speaker Craft, Somance Symphony, Monitor Audio, Paradigm CS. You'll get maximal quality of your audio system sound. Our company carries out all stages of work, from the drawing up of the contract, design and delivery of the object to. With us, your home will please you nice motifs of music and you will always be in a good mood!

Music follows you

With Multiroom system sound will support you, when you want to change rooms. Imagine, if you want to change bedroom to living room with music listening, system will translate signal into room of your staying, without interrupting the sound. Relatively, sound will be turned down in the room you have left.

Multiroom system advantages

  • You can listen to the music in all rooms at one time
  • Quantity of remote controllers will be much decreased
  • All audio files will be saved in one server
  • You can set required volume of sound or tune for every room
  • Sound will follow you during rooms changing
  • System can notice you about emergency or make volume of sound lower on incoming call
мультирум powerproject

Multiroom is a conncetion source all over the house

You can create an audio connection between rooms. Imagine, that you can invite all households to dinner, just notifying them through multiroom. And more, you can install a mode, which will make music sound lower, when phone will ring.

Multiroom synchronizating with other Smart Home systems

To get the full functionality of the system, you can connect Multiroom to other systems. Imagine, that your Home cinema will turn to real cinema, because with “cinema” mode automatically the projection screen will move down, the curtains will be closed and the lights will be dimmed. If you want to connect muliroom to CCTV systems, you could watch any CCTV camera stream from any of your TVs. And more, for example, you could install camera in kids room and watch whats going on with your children, while staying in kitchen.

With connection to control and alarm systems you will be notified about occurred damage or water / gas leakage anywhere you are – on the street, in the garage or kitchen.

Multiroom cost

Multiroom system pricing will depends on all the functions you want and area of connected zone. To find out approximate cost for your room, you can order free calculation. Order manager's call-back and he will consult you in questions you are interested.

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