Lifts for chandeliers.

Lifts for chandeliers. Safety, speed and easiness of chandelier's service!

Autolifts for chandeliers

Do you have beautiful designer inspired chandelier, but you still don't know how to get to it? If it's time to make clear-out and you're imagining yourself climbing up the ladder to clean it. And when the lighting bulb is burned out and in order to change it you need to swarm up to chandelier. Lifts for chandelier are the best solution of this problems.

Power Project company suggest you to make clever even chandelier. You can control placement level of the main lighting source with special lift or winch. Your room now is not only very practical. But it's going to be more stylish and unique, because they make its own distinction. You can bring all Your design ideas to life.

To control the chandelier, you need just to push the only button and it will go down to the perfect level. If you want to impress your friends, make it with disco ball, which you can put down or up at any level during the cool party.

лифты для люстр

Why Power Project?

We are on the automation market for 10 years, that's why it worth to work with our company. We install lifts of american company “Aladdin”, because they are reliable and endurable. This lifts are easy to install and operate. Our specialists will calculate required height of winch, according to your room size, and required lifting capacity, according to your chandelier.


You can be sure, that your chandelier is de-enegized, when it's coming down. Special mechanism will disconnect it and chandelier will be hanging just on the de-energized cable. You can set a lower limit, if you want be sured in your chandelier safety. So, your chandelier will be not crushed by accident.

Advantages of lifts for chandelier

  • Distance control
  • Great range of weight characteristics
  • Lower limit
  • De-energized cable, when putting down
лифты для люстр PowerProject

Automated lift cost

Order the call-back or ask your question to online-consultant and you will get the price of lift for chandelier. You can also get with us in touch with phone numbers below.

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