Karaoke systems

Why do I need karaoke?

During the feast, the guests are getting bored? Like to sing karaoke, but do you want to sing in your home with your friends or relatives? Tired of looking for a minus in good quality? Or maybe you already have a karaoke system but the sound produced by it makes you want something better?

A personal professional karaoke system connected to a home theater and multiroom is a real chance to not limit your desires and possibilities. Karaoke system allows you to enjoy singing at any time, when you really want to, including home theater and "adding" the speakers. Sing the karaoke in the morning, recharging positively before the workday, sing along with friends or family in your home. Instead of booking a table in the karaoke club and waiting for its turn to the microphone for hours - a professional karaoke system helps you to do what you love without discomfort. Arrange your sing-party outside the club with your own karaoke system and see for yourself the attractiveness of such a karaoke holiday!

Karaoke system for professionals

If you are professionally engaged in vocals, this system is for you. This system realizes all the needs of professional vocalists. In the system there is a set of minuses from the group "PRO", the quality of which you can not but appreciate! Also, the system implements all the latest technologies of noise reduction, voice processing and is equipped with professional equipment!


With Power Project Company You Get All the Best and Quality

Do you want the karaoke system to perform all its functions correctly and unmistakably? For this, competent installation and adjustment of equipment should be carried out by qualified specialists, and managers in turn should choose the right equipment for the needs of the customer. More than 12 years of work in the automation market of audio / video systems give our employees a huge amount of knowledge, which they apply in the design and commissioning of equipment. Turning to us, you are applying to a company with many years of experience and professional team.

Karaoke in the Smart House

A professional karaoke system integrated into an "intellectual home" is more than just the ability to sing favorite songs to the accompaniment without memorizing their words. Installation of a home theater with a karaoke under the control of Multiroom allows to create a full-fledged entertainment center, which can be used in any corner of the house.

All the devices of the professional karaoke system are integrated into the equipment for the "smart home", so at the output you will get the perfect sound, high-quality image and an impeccable combination of these two factors. Using progressive MIDI and UltraStar formats helps to accurately link the text of songs, the picture on the screen and the pace of music.

Singing for karaoke takes place in a special microphone, which serves as a liaison for storing data and further counting the results. Sing for your own pleasure, add to this exciting pastime of friends - karaoke will give you an unforgettable experience, especially if it's a professional karaoke system.

The advantages of a professional Karaoke system in your home:

  • Your personal recording studio! Now recording their performances in studio quality will be easy and simple. You can save your recordings from a karaoke system to a removable USB drive.
  • As a background substrate, a media component in Full HD format is used.
  • Control of the karaoke system is possible with the help of a remote and a proprietary management application with iPad, Android tablets and iPhone.
  • Thanks to the built-in media center in "Evolution Compact HD" you have the ability to view movies, photos and listen to music. Media center management is possible with the help of the remote and the corporate application for managing from the iPad - "CompactHD".
  • Ability to sing in any room of your house

Cost of Karaoke systems

The price of such systems will depend on the functionality that you want to obtain, the interaction with other systems of the Smart House and the cost of the equipment itself. To find out the approximate cost of a karaoke system, order a free payment by clicking on the picture at the top of the page. Answers to the questions you can get from our manager. Order a return call and we will contact you at any time convenient for you. You also have the opportunity to visit our Showroom and try the system in action, get advice, as well as see and try other systems of "Smart House" in action.

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