IP video surveillance.
Find out, what is happening in your home from any part of the world!

Why IP video surveillance system is needed?

Have you ever field like thieves sneaked into the house, when you are not at home? Or you are going to holidays, and during vacations you are constantly haunted by the idea, that someone penetrates into your home. Every owner is responsible for his house or apartment, so you don't want your home to be under attack of criminals or thieves. To protect yourself and your property from intruders, we offer you to install a video surveillance system with an IP camera. You will be able to look for your accommodation from any corner of the planet, or, for example, to monitor your child's nanny.

More possibilities with IP video surveillance

IP video surveillance – is a safety system, which gives you a possibility to perform control for your house with smartphone or computer from any corner of the planet and monitor houses adjoining area or private area. To the video surveillance system are included not only cameras, but also monitors for displaying, recorders and special sensors. The system with an IP data transmission protocol has better functionality, higher capacity, as well as, the familiar for PC desktop interface in comparison with the DVR systems..

Convenient video surveillance management and simple access

Imagine, that you will be able to watch the stream of video surveillance cameras not only special equipment and monitor for this, but also on any computer, tablet or phone. All events, that recorded on IP camera will be saved and archived, in order you could review your records afterwards. Video surveillance system works 24 hours per day. You can also set it up individually, for example, switch-on video surveillance, only when you are not at home.


Video surveillance with Power Project

Video surveillance cameras installation requires some special knowledge and proficiency, as well as the acquired experience and skills, because no one know, which troubles could be needed to deal with during installation of the system. With Power Project you can upgrade all domestic engineering system and you will have no need to cooperate with different companies, draw up a contract with them and to coordinate their work with each other. Power Project company will do everything on its own. Main office and showroom is situated in Kyiv, we have Kharkov branch, but we also are working all over Ukraine.

IP video surveillance in Smart Home

Do you want not to spread your attention on constant video surveillance cameras monitoring? When someone gets on your territory, camera will record video, and sends the required snippet to your computer, TV or smartphone. Now you will have no need to spend your time reviewing records from every camera.

Function of object type determination can recognize, is that a dog running through the outside area or, nevertheless, burglars come to your house. Based on received data Smart Home will react on one or another action. If it is your pet, system will recognize it, as not dangerous. But in case of robbery, IP video surveillance system of Smart Home will send a signal to the security services, ring the alarm sound and notify you by SMS message about the incident.

IP video surveillance advantages:

  • You will be able to monitor video surveillance cameras display from any cornet of the world
  • High capacity of archive to storage the information
  • Switch between the camera from your computer, tablet, or the control panel of your smartphone
  • Function of object type determination can recognize you pet and burglar, and decides to react on actions of this object or not
  • You will have no need to spend your time constantly monitoring, video surveillance system in Smart House will record video with movement and forward it to the computer or smartphone

IP video surveillance cost

Do you want easily record image and display it on monitor? Or you want to interact video surveillance system with Smart Home and in case of unauthorized penetration safety alarm will be turned on, special services will be called and you will receive SMS message about the incident in your house. Approximate cost will range, depends on your goals. Another important factor is which camera you want to set: black and white or color, as well as the quality of their resolution. To find out approximate cost of IP video surveillance, order free calculation on the top of the page or manager's call-back. You can also visit our showroom in the centre of Kyiv, where you will be able to watch the work of IP camera “Speed Dom” live, and control it with smartphone. You can apply to our showroom with this link.

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