Internet, Television, Radio.
Smart devices in Smart Home!

Why smart multimedia devices in the Smart Home are needed?

Could you imagine your life without internet or television? Every day we surely spending our time on for this modern world wonder inventions of modern world. What if to make simple devices smart? Imagine, that you can display CCTV on TV screen and favourite radio will wake everyone in the house up.

Internet and television - essential assistants in Smart Home.

Thanks to internet connection you could monitor your house from anywhere in the world, watch content from different video signal sources in your house, control all the systems of Smart Home with smartphone or computer. Smart television brings you free access to favourite TV channels and TV shows. Thanks to digital set-top box you can watch video on internet, download content from network, to listen to internet radio.


Smart radio

Radio interaction with Multiroom system gives you a possibility from any room of your home. Favourite stations setting up will also be easy for you, thanks to convenient smartphone or sensor panel control. You can record a broadcast, as an option and listen to it on any convenient for you time.

Why you need to apply to Power Project?

Our company helps you not only individually pick up a location for TV sources and install wireless network for internet surfing from any device. We are also installing such a home engineering systems like air condition, climate control, Home cinema, Multiroom, lighting and louvers control, Smart Home system and many more. Imagine now, you will have no need to cooperate with different companies at one time, draw up a contract with each of them and coordinate their work. With Power Project it would be easy for you to install and automate engineering systems in your home. Our company installs all the necessary systems on one time and will certainly take into account your wishes and possibilities! To watch all the systems in one time and have a possibility to control them apply to our showroom in the centre of Kyiv with a click on blue button on the top of the page.

Satellite Television

Are you often come home, sit down before a TV and understand, that there is nothing to see there? Now broadcasting and cable television possibilities are extremely limited, because they are not available everywhere. Imagine, that availability of a satellite in your home will give you thes opporutunity to view more than a hundred TV different kinds of channels in high quality. You will definitely find something interested to you and perfect picture will make viewing even more enjoyable.

Fast expanding high definition TV (HDTV) gives you an opportunity to watch TV channels in the highest quality, than digital or analog TV. And modern technologies allow some channels to broadcast in 3D.

Advantages of Internet, Television, Radio in Smart Home:

  • You can control everything with a smartphone, sensor panel or universal controller
  • You can monitor CCTV display from anywhere in the world
  • You can watch not only favourite TV shows and even see your visitor via intercom
  • One signal source could be distributed to all the TVs in your home
  • Listen to your favourite radio in different rooms, thanks to multiroom system

Connection of internet, television, radio with different systems of Smart Home

Video switching system helps you to distribute one signal source from TV on several screens, which could be situated in different rooms. Interaction with such Smart Home systems, as CCTV and intercom, helps you to see your visitor on any screen with incoming intercom call, or switch between CCTV cameras.

Internet, TV, radio installation cost

Mostly Internet, TV and radio systems are installed within the overall working draft and costs are quickly recouped by their opportunities. To name an approximate cost of such a system, we need to know, which possibilities you want to fit in and will be this included into Smart Home or not. Use the free calculation form on the top of the page or order manager's call-back, to find out a price of such a systems or to get answers to questions, you are interested in.

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