Home cinema in Smart Home.
Your personal cinema hall for watching your favorite movies.

Why Home cinema is needed?

Do you have that feeling, when you want to watch a movie one more time after coming back from cinema, but you have lack of emotions and experiences, as it was with first watching. After this you realize, that cinema dynamics do not translate such a surrounding and realistic sound, as film director have planned. Power Project Home cinema will be equal in quality and power of sound reproduction to true cinema. Now, you could watch at home new films from all over the world with your friends and family and cinema hall automation helps to reproduce desired atmosphere in one click.

Interaction between Home cinema and other systems of Smart Home.

With integration of Home cinema with other Smart Home systems you will get comfortable atmosphere for film watching. You can control curtains, lighting brightness or turn on climate control with desired temperature and moisture. All of this you can integrate in “Home cinema” scenario and then, all the system will be turned on into this mode with one push of the button. It will be a significant contribution for creating a comfortable environment for movies watching.

домашний кинотеатр powerproject

Multioom will make your personal cinema hall even more functional.

Imagine yourself, that during watching of a film you could translate your guests, who are ringing through intercom, on the screen. Or, for example, to connect to any of CCTV cameras and find out what's going on outside the house. With multiroom system you could choose films from media-server library and translate it on all TVs in the house, or create separate translation for each room.

Why Power Project?

Home cinema installation is very hard and important moment. Atmosphere of film performance depends on sound system quality, right placing of speakers, chosen TV and video player. Our experts from Power Project will choose the best equipments, depends on size of your room and certainly will take into account your wishes. We could install Home cinema of any difficulty level. And you will get you personal cinema for favorite films watching.

Home cinema - is a powerful equipment and easy control

Home cinema is one of the widespread ways to spend a free time. Intellectual control and powerful qualitative equipment in a personal cinema, helps you to create an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere of presence and deep you into funny, dramatic or horrible reality of film.The combination of video screens, big screen diagonal high definition TVs and qualitative acoustic systems helps you to feel like you are in true cinema.

Simple and easy cinema hall control will be accessible and understandable for all your family members, because you could perform control from universal remote control or your smartphone. After you set “Films watching” mode projector will go lower, curtains and louvers will be closed, lighting will be dimmed – for maximal level of comfort to the room.

Home cinema automation advantages:

  • Thanks to qualitative equipment you will be deep into atmosphere on the screen;
  • You could control personal cinema hall with sensor panel – controller or smartphone;
  • You could set personal scenario for film watching. Curtains in the room will be closed, lighting will be dimmed and TV will be turned on;
  • If you will feel yourself uncomfortable, stuffy or cold during watching film in Home cinema, use climate control system and create a comfortable atmosphere. ;
  • During watching the film you could translate on the screen CCTV cameras and intercom;

Multi windows output possibility

Have you ever want to watch on one TV screen, for example, a couple of football matches or during watching the film to listen to the news? New video processor has an option of multi window display output, that's how you will be able to watch programs in four independent windows. During watching the film just open additional window and be informed of the latest events or watch to couple of football matches at one time.

Home cinema cost

Home cinema automation could include lots of functions. You could connect it to louvers, lighting, multiroom, so the price will be different. To find out an approximate cost order free calculation on the top of the page or order free manager's call-back. Apply to our showroom with this link

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