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In which rooms it is planned to install scenario lighting

Scenario lighting control

Button to turn off all light

Automatic lighting on the motion sensors

Button to turn off the power in the sockets

Management of motorized curtain rods or roller blinds

Outdoor sun protection

Channel type system or split system

Управление приточно-вытяжная вентиляция


Management of warm floors (number of circuits)

Control of radiators (convectors)

"Anti-Flood" System

Gas leakage system

Indoor chambers, to monitor the work of personnel, indicate areas (example: kitchen, living room, children's)

Outdoor cameras

Camera robot with 180 degree rotation and control phone / tablet

Specify the number of doorphone monitors (installation is possible at different stages)

Will it be connected to a public door intercom system

Installation of access control system

Will the object surrender to the security panel. Public service or private organization

Access points

Router for 2 providers

Cable laying for TV, cable outlets for connection to service providers

Installation of wiring and assembly of an electrical panel

System of uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabilization

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