Exclusive Heating Radiators.
2-in-1. Design solution and heating equipment!

Why exclusive heating radiators are needed?

Imagine, that you have planned a renovation, but during the process, you find out, that heating radiator is not fitting to selected room design. Or you are a connoisseur of all exclusive, and you want all of the things in your house to be originally performed. With Power Project company you can decorate your home with exclusive design radiators, performed, as single exemplar, and diversity of forms and colors help to fit it absolutely in any interior.


Exclusive heating radiators with Power Project company

Making an order of exclusive heating radiators, you need to know, that it should be not only to be beautiful in appearance, but also fulfill certain standards and have a good technical characteristics. High heat irradiation, damage resistance and life-long service – main conditions in the designer batteries creation. Power Project company installing radiator, which meet all these requirements. You can order, as well, Smart Home system, audio / video systems, lighting control, air-conditioning, ventilation, security systems and more. Apply to our showroom with this link. It is situated in the centre of Kyiv, where you could test all of this with your own hands.

Exclusive heating radiators role in your house.

Exclusive heating radiators will not only supplement your interior and will bring its own flavor to it, they will perform their basic function – heating device. With designed radiators you will save your electricity costs, desired temperature will be maintained and air will be not too dry, by the way. Designed heating radiator will certainly impress your guests, because with first look on decoration element, they will not immediately recognize in this heating equipment. Down the page are listed different types of designed radiators for installation in your house.

Types of exclusive radiators:

  • Sectional decorative. The most common for us type of heating radiators performance, with the addition of different handles, taps, pedestal. They may be made of such a material, as cast iron.
  • Tubular radiators are mostly installed in bathrooms, because of their stairway form. But you could you can supplement a bar with such a radiator, as well.
  • Heating panels will perfectly fit too any of modern interior.
  • Radius radiators are unusual rounded shape for us.
  • Radiators in the form of sculptures, paintings and abstract subjects will perfectly fit into your interior and will have no need to hide them, because they are bringing its flavor to design of your room.

Exclusive heating radiators cost:

Radiators are made in a single exemplar for to your specific interior, that's why defined and precise price of exclusive radiators difficult to determine. If you want to have individual designed device, order manager's call-back. We will contact you in any convenient time and clarify all the necessary details.

Order manager's call-back
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