Dimming system will bring special atmosphere to every corner of your home.

Why dimming system is needed?

We use different lighting sources every day. Sometimes, we need more lighting in the room or we need more calm and intimate atmosphere vice versa. That's why, we split lighting into groups and install lots of switches. Power Project's Smart Home knows, how to solve this problem. Install dimming system and you can choose lighting scenario with one click.

Lighting regulation function, helps you to control lighting level in the room. This works with installed dimmers. They are 2 types: rotary dimmer and sensor pushing, so you can control them with your smartphone app or sensor panel.

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Clever dimmer will provide everything on its own

Smart Home abilities can help you with room lighting level settings. Dimming system can adopt lighting brightness on day period, weather condition and season. So, Smart Home can synchronize outside brightness with inside one.

Why dimmer should be installed?

  • It is comfortable and convenient. You can set different lighting in any room for your current mood or upcoming event with one click.
  • It is beautiful. You can control different lighting groups, set your own lighting scenarios, surprise your guests with innovations in your house.
  • It's frugally. You can save up to 60% on power consumption and extend some lamps life up to 20 times, that's why there is smooth switching-on mode and gradual brightness increase.

Why Power Project?

Our company works with proven and high-quality equipment, such firms as Lutron and Crestron. We provide all phases of work from layout creating, projecting and up to delivery of the object. Use dimmers in your interior and you they will bring you only good emotions.

Individual atmosphere in every room

Now, you can easily provide relaxed atmosphere in every room of your house or apartments. You can install dimmer in bedroom, to create romantic and intimate conditions or make favorable sleeping atmosphere for your child in nursery room. You also can set enjoyable unobtrusive lighting, if you want to watch film or listen to the music. To make lighting control easier, you can set own scenario for every room. With one click of the button you can choose previous lighting scenario.

Dimming system in Smart Home advantages:

  • You can choose pleasant level of brightness for your current mood and atmosphere, you want to create.
  • Easily control brightness with smartphone app and or sensor panel.
  • You can set own lighting scenario for every room.
  • You can save power consumption and change lamps rarely, thanks to smooth switching-on mode
  • Dimming system can set right brightness, depends on outside lighting, weather conditions and daytime.
  • Modern dimmers are noiseless and have a short-circuit protection.
  • Smart Home systems synchronization you can set right level of lighting, turn TV on, close the curtains and turn on home cinema.
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Lighting system control cost

You can use free project pricing form to get the approximate cost of dimming dimming system. Price of such a system depends on quantity of zones, where you want to control brightness with dimmers and also depends of lamps type: incandescent, low-voltage ,halogen or LED lamp. Order a free manager call-back or get in touch with online-consultant and he will answer on all your questions.

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