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Multimedia remote controllers

How many of the audio and video technic are in your home? And for every of this device you need a remote controller, and as a result, you have to look for it or select the desired one. Do you want to have universal remote controller instead, which will control not only TV, but some other of your home devices in addition like air condition and lighting? We present you URC remote controller, which helps you to automate most of your house electronics functions and helps you to get rid of the need to have lots of remote controllers. Now every member of your family could enjoy Home cinema watching and easily use all of the audio equipment.

пульты управления умным домом

What is URC?

URC (Universal Remote Control) – is a company with 20 years experience in projecting, development and production of universal programmable distance remote controllers. The company doing its best to satisfy your consumer needs. URC remote controllers are able to reproduce infrared signals of ordinary remote controllers, so you could perform all of the command you can perform with one universal device. From now you will have one remote controller for Home Cinema, TV, sound system, satellite and AV-receivers. You could control this devices even while staying in the next room, because area of URC use is far wider then in ordinary remote controller. Every remote controller has its small 2-inch color screen, where you can choose any audio and video signal, displayed as icons.

Controlling devices with Power Project company?

If you want to get Home cinema with easy and affordable controlling for every family member, you need to think of URC remote controller purchase or Crestron system with smartphone controlling option. It is important to find approach to the selection and installation of these devices, otherwise you could become curtains opening instead of TV switch on, as a result of unexperienced technician work. Power Project works for more then 10 years on automation market and knows, which equipment is more qualitative and fits more to your room and desires. Our experts will tell you more about its possibilities and you could control anything you want using it!

Home Cinema controlling with Iphone and Ipad.

Are your phone is permanently with you? And now imagine, that you could not only call and surf Internet with it. You could control TV, home cinema, curtains, lighting, climate, switch the desired channels and various audio from anywhere in the house. It will be possible with Crestron processor integration, which is responsible for the automated management of all systems in the house, and Apple devices. Turn you smartphone into all technic controlling panel in your home!

Advantages of Home Cinema and TV controlling system:

  • You will have a single URC universal remote controller for all devices.
  • You could even stay in the next room to control your Home Cinema or TV.
  • You can replace a few simple actions with one touch of the universal remote button.
  • Use your Iphone or Ipad to control all devices.
  • Remote controller display automatically lights up when you take it in your hand.
  • You can control your Home Cinema, lighting, climate control, intercom system with integrating URC remote controller in Smart Home.
  • Stand for URC remote controller is also a charger, so you do not have to constantly change batteries.
пульты управления

Do several actions with one click

Universal URC remote controller are programmed to do several simple actions with one click. For example, you decided to watch a film. You need just to choose “Film watching” on remote controller or smartphone. Imagine, that curtains will be closed, projector will be gone lower, audio and video outputs and inputs will be selected automatically, TV or Home Cinema will be turned on. You will have no need to point the remote controller on every device, in order infrared signal came to it. For this reason, special infrared transmitters will be installed and it will select on its own every command for every device.

Home Cinema and TV control system cost

Cost of system like this depends on quantity of TV sets, you want to include into automatic control system. You can find out an approximate cost with ordering free calculation on the top of the page. If you have some questions, call to our manager, and he will get in contact with you in convenient time for you.

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