Gas leakage control.
Feel yourself safe on 100%.

Why gas leakage control system is needed?

Have you often heard about the explosion, because of domestic gas leakage? And we are using gas boilers permanent in our every day life for cooking or heating of accommodation. Do you want to protect your house from occurrence of gas leakage? Power Project security system could not only protect you house from burglars, but also, they could perform gas leakage control.


Gas leakage safety with Power Project

To install gas detector correctly, you need to be sured, that ball valves are blocked, to choose right place for installation, because some gas could gather at the top of the room, and liquefied gas - below, and make a test verification. Such a work with gas is quite not safe, so it is better to deliver this system installation to professionals. If you are not ready yet, to install gas leakage control system, but you are planning to provide it in future, our masters will undertake the necessary installation work and will will avoid the major changes and alterations. Take care about your safety with Smart Home by Power Project company! You will feel yourself comfortable and safely at your house.

How gas leakage control system works?

Special gas detectors are installed in potential gas leakage places. In order detector will not only inform you with sound alarm about accumulation of gas in the room, but also block the its supply, get your gas leakage control automated with Smart Home system. Your house will be able now to take certain decisions. Imagine, that Smart Home with installed special gas detector will be able to determine gas leakage, will block its flow, turn off the electricity supply, generate a signal light and an audible alarm, and will notify you about the incident with SMS message. Interaction with ventilation system helps to air the room and set more active working mode for ventilation system. If you are leaving house for vacation, you can configure settings for Smart Home to block all life-support systems (gas, water, heating, etc.). You can control system with special sensor panel or your smartphone.

Gas leakage control system advantages:

  • You can prevent an emergency situation in your home.
  • In case of gas leakage you will hear sound alarm.
  • Smart Home system quickly and efficiently eliminate emergency situation: block the gas supply, turn off the power, turn on the alarm and ventilation, and notify you with SMS message on your smartphone.
  • When you are leaving home, you can block all life-support systems (gas, water, heating).

Gas leakage control system cost

Installation of ordinary gas detector could be provided during general working project. If you want to interact detectors with Smart Home system and ventilation, the price will be different, accordingly. To name approximate price of gas leakage control system we should take into consideration your wishes and possibilities. Order free calculation or manager's call-back and we will get in touch with you, clarify all the details and answer on all your questions.

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