Water leakage control.
Forget about floods in Your House!

Why water leakage control is needed?

If there are a lot of rooms in your house, it is hardly to notice quickly the flooding and to eliminate it on time. Or if you are living in apartments, there is always a risk to flood your neighbors below and afterwards to pay for their renovation. What you need to to do, to protect yourself from water leakage? We are ready to share with you the solution. Water leakage control system in Smart Home will will save you from occurrence of unpleasant situations, and in case of water leakage it will take the necessary measures to prevent them and send you SMS message, about occurred emergency.

Preventive Measures for Pipeline

Do you want to reduce the risk of water leakage in your Home? Power Project Smart Home will take preventive measures, in order to reduce possibility of water leakage up to inferior limit. System will open / close the water supply valve one time per week and check it operability. In case, when you are leaving house for vacation, Smart Home will block water supply and other life-support systems and protect your house from emergency situations.


Water leakage control with Power Project company

Do you want system of water leakage control works properly? We advise you to turn to professionals, because engineering life support systems automation needs some certain skills, and with experienced master in their area you will not flood your house. In Power Project company you can order not only protection systems for your house. We install also Smart Home systems audio / video systems, automates lighting and lighting scenarios control, climate and ventilation technologies. To watch automated systems live and control them with smartphone or tablet, apply to our showroom with this link. We are situated in the centre of Kyiv and are always opened for you on any time.

How water leakage control system works in Smart Home?

In places of probable leakage of water special sensors at a height of 1 cm from the floor are installed, locking apparatus are placed on pipes and for all of this management unit is responsible. In case of water leakage, Smart Home system will be able to prevent the problem and take the necessary measures to ensure your safety. Automated systems will block access of water in the place, where leakage is occurred, block electricity supply, will inform you with SMS notification about occurred problem, and, if necessary, they will turn on alarm and call the emergency brigade.

Water leakage control system advantages:

  • You will prevent flooding of your home and will not flood the neighbors, if you live in an apartments
  • In case of water leakage, you will be informed with sound alarm
  • Interaction with Smart Home opens a possibility for system to take certain decisions: block water supply, turn off electricity supply and inform you with SMS message
  • You will be able to block water supply in all house with a push of one button on smartphone or sensor panel, when you will be leaving the house on vacation or business trip

Water leakage control system cost

Price of water leakage control system will range, depends of quantity of places, where you want to install special antiflood detectors, and whether or not it will be integrated into Smart Home system. To find out approximate cost of the system, order free calculation or manager's call-back. Become answers on all question you are interested in, in any convenient for you time.

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