Control your curtains with just one click!

Why Curtains control system is needed?

How many time you spend in the morning before work, to open all the curtains and louvers? And when it is getting dark, you should shut them down again. In the summer, when you are on the sunny side it could be hot in the room before evening. With automatic curtains from Power Project you can control all the curtains at one time.


How Curtains/louvers control system works?

Imagine, you can regulate lighting level in all rooms with one controller. It is possible, because of special cornices installation with receivers. You can control them with remote controller, Smart home panel or even with your smartphone or tablet. You can open all the curtains, with one button in the morning, so you have no need to walk around all rooms and open them.

You can set schedule to curtains control. For example, you like to wake up with sunrise and you can set 6 a.m. on your controller, so curtains will open automatically. This curtains are known, as “smart”, because they can open and close themselves, depends on weather condition. Imagine, it is extremely hot outside or getting dark – system will shut blinds or curtains down.

Automatic curtains control is not only for private houses, but it is very popular also for apartments or cottage houses. You can install curtains/louvers control in the office, in order to create good working conditions for your team and not distract them from work, so make them more effective.

Why Power Project?

Power Project company will perform all the automatic curtains installation works. We work for 10 years on automation market. Our workers are professionals, because experience is the main quality of a good work.

Presence imitation in curtains/louvers system

Do you want to protect your home from burglars? With automatic curtains you can set “Presence imitation” scenario, if you need to leave your house for a long time. Smart Home will open and shut down louvers/curtains, turn on and off the light in different rooms, in order the potential burglars think that someone is inside the house.

Advantages of Curtains control system:

  • All the curtains could be opened and closed at one timeline;
  • Time economy;
  • It it convenient for houses with big panoramic windows;
  • Easy and convenient control, even from your smartphone or tablet.

Lighting scenario

You can set your own scenario, synchronized with your lifestyle. If all the people in your house are getting up in one time, you can choose “morning” scenario, so then, the system will open all the curtains, in the rooms you need, at the scheduled time. If you want to watch a movie, you can choose “home cinema” scenario. The curtains will be closed and the lighting will be brought to comfortable watching.

Synchronization with Smart Home systems

Power Project company performs lots of Smart Home system installation services. You can order Curtains control system with lighting automation system, so you can set to turn the light on when curtains are closed. Or you can set to shut down curtains and mute the light, when you are watching movie

How much Curtains/louvers control system cost?

Order the call-back or ask your question to online-consultant and you will get the Curtains/louvers control system price, according to your windows sizes and quantity of zones. You can also order Smart Home unintegrated automatic curtains and louvers.

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