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How to turn on air conditioning before your coming home.

Air conditioners. User experience realities

Have you bought an air conditioner, but you you are still coming back to hot room and wait until it will be cooled down? It seems like nothing terrible, bur we are still running to turn on air conditioner first, when coming back home, even before changing our clothes and washing our hands. And how many time are spent to find all the remote controllers from air conditioners and to set needed temperature for each of them? You will be free from this problems using Smart Home air conditional control. Imagine, that you will be able to turn on air conditioners 30 minutes before you arrival or create your personal control scenarios for different rooms

Control air conditioners with your smartphone

Do you want air conditioning control will be careless and you will have no need to run from one room to another? Smart Home is not only performing control on ant home technology, but also gives you a possibility to control air conditioners remote with your smartphone. You will be able to set needed temperature, airstream direction and speed for any room, even if you are not home. Isn't it cool, right? Because we are not leaving our smartphones even for a minute, so you will have a constant Smart Home system access.

управление кондиционерами

Climate control scenarios

Scenarios creating helps you to save energy resources, when you are leaving for vacation. You need just to choose “economy” mode on your smartphone or control panel. All your systems will be turned to minimal setting maintenance. And with coming home and controlling climate with your smartphone, you will be able to turn on all the necessary devices before your arrival. And the house will great you with warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Do you want you air conditioner will be an element of Smart Home climate control system?

So, you need to pay attention to Power Project company.You will get healthy microclimate at home with us, as well as chance to purchase other Smart Home systems.You will draw up the contract just with one company, instead of several. You will be able to control climate, lighting, video/audio equipment and will feel yourself safe, thanks to modern security systems. Apply to our showroom in the Kyiv city centre and test all the systems with personally with your own hands. You can apply with a link>.

Air conditioning control scenarios will help you to save your time

Has your time a price for you? Imagine yourself, how it will be convenient to create your personal control scenarios and turn on them with click of just one button on your smartphone or universal controller. You will have no need to run from one room to another, searching the remote controllers and setting needed temperature in every room. For example, you can set “No one home” scenario and you will be able to turn off all the air conditioners in your house, lighting and turn all the equipment to “economy” energy consumption mode. Or set unique scenario for kids room and bedroom and, for example, other one for living room. Depends on season, Smart Home will decide, which temperature to set to cool each room.

Agreeing to buy Air Conditioning control system you will get such an advantages:

  • You will be able to cool down any room up to needed temperature using your phone remotely.
  • You will have one universal controller for every air conditioner in your home.
  • You can create you personal control scenarios with your own parameters.
  • Smart system will not allow to work air conditioning with heating system on the same time, so your energy costs will be saved.
  • Smart Home will be able to set needed room's temperature automatically, depends on season and weather conditions.
Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system in the Smart Home cost

If you want to buy air conditioning control system in the Smart Home order manager's call-back. Mostly the price will depend on air conditioner: split-system, cassette or channel type, its power and wanted functions. Maybe, you'll need a simple remote control with smartphone, or maybe, you will like to have a full set with all of the functional possibilities. If you want to find out air conditioning control system cost, order free calculation, where you will be able to mark a couple of Smart Home system categories at once.

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