Air conditioning.
Fresh air in your home!

Why air conditioning system is needed?

There is no secret, that our well-being, working capacity and mood depends on environment and microclimate of the place, where we are staying in. You are likely don't like to work in a stuffy and unventilated room. When you are coming back home after hard working day and there is still such atmosphere, you can of course forget about relaxation.

Rooms air conditioning is an integral part of creating a good microclimate in the house. Air conditioner helps you to keep specified temperature parameters and speed of air movement to create favorable environment for your health.

Air conditioner in Smart Home

We are offering you to integrate air conditioner into Smart Home system, because it helps you to set coordinated work of air conditioners without your intervention. You could turn on/off air conditioners with a general control panel or smartphone, or use them for different scenarios. For example, when you are turn on “No one home” scenario – every air conditioner in the house will be turned off, lighting and home appliances will be switched to economy mode.

You can also set a desired temperature, air direction, speed of an airstream for any room, even if you are not home. With smartphone control you could turn on refreshing before your coming back home. With special sensors Smart Home is available to turn off air conditioning, when windows are opened. Smart Home could decide on its own, which temperature to set for refreshing the room, depends on season and weather conditions.


Why Power Project?

Our company works only with high qualitative equipment. We are working in automation area for more then 10 years and we know some nuances to consider, when choosing a particular equipment. Our experts will choose and calculate the best options for you. Power Project are not just installing air conditioners, but also integrate it into Smart Home system. Working with us you will get a modern house with comfort, economy and safety!

Types of air conditioners:

  1. Wall mounted. Inner block is located on any part of wall in the room.
    Split-system. Consist of inner and external blocks, which are connected with copper pipes with a cooling agent and electrical cable.
    Multi-split. One external block serving to multiple internal blocks. Your front will be not overflowed with blocks.
  2. Ceiling. They are installed behind the suspended ceiling. They require some ceiling space for air conditioning blocks and air ducts.
    Channel air conditioners. Such an air conditioner is mixing up fresh air to the system. When you connect aeration and ventilation system to inner block, you will have no need to open windows for fresh air anymore and get lots of dust and street noise in addition. With such an air conditioner you could refresh couple of rooms at one time.
    Cartridge air conditioners. Air from the street comes directly into the room without air separating channels. As rule, such an air conditioners are installed in supermarkets and are designed as decorated grates.
  3. Floor/ Ceiling or Pillar air conditioners. They are mounted under the ceiling or installed on the floor and they are equipped with large power capacity. They are defined, as industrial air conditioners and are widely used in cinema halls and conference-rooms.

Advantages of air conditioning:

  • You can cool or heat the room with it
  • You can create an ideal microclimate, which has a positive effect on your health and working ability
  • You can save up to 20-30% energy with the inverter air conditioner, compared with regular one
  • Channel air conditioners let fresh air from outside in to the room
  • With integration of air conditioner into Smart Home system you can remote control microclimate in the room.
  • Smart Home could automatically set for the room desired temperature, depends on weather conditions or season.

Air condition system for rooms cost

Price of such of a system could range depends on chosen brand of air conditioner, inner block type, and functionality, whether or not will you connect it to Smart Home system. We are installing air conditioners on big projects, which include the installation of a number of air conditioners in the house or during common with you working project. To find our approximate cost of smart air conditioning system order free calculation on the top of the page or manager's call-back.

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