Climate control in Smart Home.
All what you need for well-being!

Why climate control is needed?

Are you tired of staying constantly in enclosed spaces with stuffy air? Are you, from time to time, often take off and on sweater or robe at home, because you are hot or cold? The reason is in wrong microclimate of the room, which make uncomfortable environment for you. Now you need to find out, how to create optimal conditions of being indoors?

With climate-control you will be always breathing pure air. In your rooms will maintain always comfortable conditions for you from now, because of work of different climate technic. Smart Home controls by itself work of conditioners, heating system, ventilation and helps to create optimal microclimate in any room. Imagine, that in children's room for will maintain desired temperature for one hour and in the non-residential indoors, such as a cellar and a corridor, economical mode could be turned on. You could change climate parameters using a unified control system, your computer or smartphone.

Save with comfort!

Are you often out of home? Smart technique could adjust to you and you can save up to 30% of energy costs. You need just to give guidance to system with your smartphone or Ipad and climate devices will be turned on and heat or freeze the room up to your arrival. Smart Home could choose by itself a less costly way of heating, depends on a season and weather conditions. So, on a warm days, system will reduce the level required to heat the room and during your departure, all systems will be in save mode.


Climate Control with Power Project

Power Project's experts will help you to choose necessary climate equipment relying on your wants and needs. We do all kinds of work, which are needed to install climate control systems in your house, and working on a contract with every client. You can be sure in the correct installation of all devices, climate sensors and electronics. Our experts are professionals in their area and will do all their work flawlessly and smoothly.

Pass Climate control to Smart Home!

Is climate equipment needs your constant attention and control? In Smart Home every action will be provided without your intervention. You could set a comfortable temperature for you and it decides on its own with which climate devices to create optimal atmosphere: to turn on air conditioning, underfloor heating, ventilation or heating. And you will never be on situation, when air conditioning works during heating. All the systems are projected properly and correctly, so you will not spend electricity to no purpose. Smart Home will create optimal atmosphere for sleeping, heat your room to no purpose up on couple of temperature grades before evening, and will set comfortable morning temperature for you.

Climate control in Smart Home advantages:

  • You will get your individual indoors microclimate with suitable for you parameters of temperature and humidity.
  • You could set optimal conditions in the indoors with a push of just one button on the control panel or your smartphone.
  • Different climate devices will maintain desired air temperature for you automatically.
  • You will have no need of intervention into ventilation, heating and air conditioning work. You can just set up desired indoors conditions for one room or another, and Smart Home will decide on its own how to get this result.
  • You can monitor the state of climate devices .

Smart Climate Control Cost

Price of climate control system could range, because of number of rooms, where you want it to be installed and its functionality. To find out approximate price of the system use free calculation form on the top of the page. If you have some questions, order free manager's call-back.

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