Climate control.
Create a comfortable conditions for you with one click!

Climate control

Are you fed up with stuffy and stale air at your house? Do you want to have healthy and comfortable conditions for you, when you are staying in the room? Install climate control system at your home and Smart Home system will do everything for you to feel yourself fresh and comfortable.

Smart climate control will take into account any weather conditions

Smart climate devices could adjust to any weather conditions and atmosphere of the room by itself. For example, on the warm days will room heating will be decreased and during a home party fresh and chilly atmosphere in the room will be maintained. When you are leaving your house for a long time during severe frosts, don't worry about your house freezing. With low temperature special sensors will be activated and Smart Home will turn on the heating in the economy mode and will warm up the house up to 6 degrees above zero.

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Climate control scenarios

Scenarios creation will help you to save energy resources, when you are leaving home to vacation. You will just need to turn on “economy” mode with your smartphone. Then, all the systems will be involved into minimal parameters maintenance. When you will come back home and control climate with you smartphone, you will be able to set up all the needed climate up to your arrival and house will greet you with warm and cozy atmosphere.

Climate control with Power Project

Smart Home system installation requires a large amount of work, from whole system projecting up to equipment programming and adjusting. That's why you'd better to turn to the company, which installs such a system far not the first time and knows all the nuances, which could be occurred during the installation. Otherwise, you could be in the situation, when air conditioner works with heating at one time. It is easy to admit, that this processes are not only contrary to each other, but also extra energy costs. Power project experts are working on the automation market for more then 10 years and will install you only tested and high quality equipment, which will perfectly correspond to your objectives and needs.

How climate control system works?

You will deliver all control over the climate to Smart Home climate equipment and it decided on its own, which device to involve into right microclimate of the room maintenance: air conditioner, heating, ventilation or warm floors. Imagine, that you will have no need to have a plurality of consoles for every climate device and constantly reconfigure them, because you are feeling yourself still uncomfortable. You can set now with controlling panel, smartphone or tablet needed air temperature and moisture parameters for different rooms and climate control system will do rest for you. For example, warm and fresh air will be maintained in the kids room during the day and with your leaving the house to vacation it will turn off all the climate devices and will switch them to “economy” mode.

With climate control you will be able to save on energy consumption up to 30%. because climate control system is projected to turn off air conditioners with open windows or turned on heating of the room. So energy will be not wasted.

Climate control system advantages

  • With a couple of clicks on your smartphone or control panel, you will create an optimal and comfortable microclimate for you.
  • You will be breathing fresh and pure air.
  • To crate your personal microclimate for every room.
  • Smart Home controls climate equipment by itself and decides, which devices needs to be turned on or off to reach optimal environment conditions.
  • You will have no need to check constantly temperature and moisture in the room, climate control system will maintain needed parameters during the whole day.
  • Climate control system could automatically change devices work, depends on weather conditions, for example, during the warm days decrease room's heating.
  • You can change switch system to “economy” mode during your absence and up to your arrival it will heat up or cool down whole house.
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Smart Home system pricing

You will be able to use different climate equipment in the climate control system: air conditioner, air moisturizers, ventilation, warm floors, heating. Price of the climate control will depend on engaged equipment and chosen by you functional features. To find out approximate cost of the system use a free calculation option on the top of the page.

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