Home cinema room on a turnkey basis.
Your personal cinema hall

Complete personal cinema

Do you want to have a separate Home cinema room in your house or apartment? Imagine, cozy comfortable chairs, big beamer, qualitative acoustic and watching of any film or football match. Some customers finds approach to the selection of professional equipment very carefully, but at the same way, they are saying, that soundproofing and acoustic questions are not so important. You need to understand, that all the audio equipment sounds not in the right way in the badly prepared room and your family members and neighbors will be complaining to you, because of loud noise. That's why, you need to take care about soundproofing and acoustic of the room on the Home cinema projecting stage. With Power Project company you will get full-equipped cinema hall room in your home with all inclusive in requirements and standards of soundproofing, excellent acoustics, professional equipment and comfortable chairs and sofas.

Home cinema soundproof

In order you will get perfect Home cinema soundproof is very important to choose right room for it. If you are living in private house, basement or cellar will be the best options, because you will be able to save Home cinema soundproof costs. Small room with non-cubic form is perfect for apartment, in other way even your perfect soundsystems will sound distorted.

In order to soundproof the room in the right way, you need to provide sound proof of walls, ceiling, floor and doors. Dense sound-proofing or acoustic plates will not always give the wanted effect for you, because lots of external factors should be take into account on soundproofing of the room. Power Project professionals will help you to deal with this challenge, in order during movie watching no one will hear the noise, and you will become acoustic comfort, staying in the cinema hall, at the same time.


You personal cinema hall with Power Project!

To find the best solution in soundproofing and acoustic support of your personal Home cinema, could be not so easy for you. It will be ver disappointing, when on the projecting stage something important will be not taken into account and your time and resources will be wasted without reach of wanted sound effect. Ordering cinema hall room by Power Project, you will be sured not only in the best acoustics and soundproofing, but also in the comfort, we provide to our customers. We are present on the market for more then 10 years, so we know, which nuances need to be checked during your personal cinema hall projecting. All the works are provided by our specialists, so you will just relax and enjoy the top comfort and cosiness of Home cinema use.

Cinema hall room acoustic comfort

Do you like to go deep into happening on the screen? Imagine, that car rides fast on the screen and you are enjoying effect when sound moves from the left to the right with the car and calms down on the distance. In the not equipped room, you could not enjoy sound effects, because of sound waves reflection, echo, resonance and distortion sound at all frequencies. That's why it is very important, when action on the screen fully coincide with sonic picture and the room provides optimal sound distribution. Such an acoustic comfort you can reach with minimizing unwanted noises and optimal for your hearing perception of speech and music.

Home cinema in Smart Home

With Power Project company you will be able to just full-equipped cinema hall room. We also provide Smart Home system installation, which will bring you maximum comfort and unequaled functionality. With automated Home cinema system you could prepare your cinema hall for movie watching with a click of just one button on remote controller or controlling panel. System will shut down the curtains, turn on the dimmed lighting and down the beamer. You have just to enjoy it, sitting into cozy recliner chair.

Home cinema room on a turnkey basis advantages

  • Our company perform all the work stages – from drawing up technical assignment and projecting to delivery of the project;
  • Now you could watch movies and football matches in separate equipped cinema hall room;
  • Thanks to perfect acoustics you will be not just a spectator, but a hero from the screen;
  • Good soundproofing will not bring the noise and inconvenience to your family members or neighbors;
  • Modern technologies helps you to project Home cinema not only in suburban house, but also in the apartments;
  • Home cinema in the Smart Home system will bring a lot of functionality and comfort to you.

What is the price of Home cinema room on a turnkey basis?

We are not ready to name the price of Home cinema, without information about your wishes, needed functionality and space in the room. To find out the price of your individual cinema hall room, you can order free calculation, where you can point all your preferences and main characteristics of the room. Order manager's call-back and confirm all the details directly with a phone. You are also able to visit our cinema hall room in the centre of Kyiv in Power Project showroom. Apply to the showroom with this link>.

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