Home cinema chairs.

Maximum comfort and functionality

Why Home cinema chair is needed?

Do you like to watch film, comfortably sitting in your favourite chair or on the couch? Or are you the one, who likes intensely keep track of the plot in the sitting pose. In the both cases, you will change your pose several times to the more comfortable anyway, because of numbness in your back or discomfortable pressure somewhere. Then, you will realize, that favourite couch is not such a comfortable, as you wish. Special Home cinema chair will save you, because it helps not only to feel yourself cozy inside in any pose, but also to show people around you, how much you admire comfort!

What recliner chair is?

Recliner chair or the chair for Home cinema – is a special furniture, which has expanding construction and provide you maximum comfort and functionality during film watching. Many controlling elements are installed in such a chair, with a help of which you will be able to tilt the chair up to the predetermined level or raise the footrest and different functionality options like, remote controller holder, stand for drinks, massage and heating function will help you to relax maximally in the chair. You can install Smart Home system, in order to feel yourself a lord of all the equipment in your house. You will be able to dimm the light in the room, shut down the louvers and turn on Home cinema or beamer, sitting in the chair, at the same time.

If you have a good Home cinema with professional acoustic system, why not to afford yourself recliner chair in order to reach top comfort and cosiness? And if the space of your house allows to allocate space for separate resting or movies watching zone, we definitely recommend you not only to buy Home cinema chair, but also to create the whole movie theater room for yourself.

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Power project will help you with a chair selection

You need to pay a lot of attention to chair selection process and not to choose the chair by its outside look. You need to take area, where chairs will be placed, into account, as well as its design. Our specialists by Power Project will help you to chose the right chair, in order it will not look cumbersome or occupy the bigger half of the room space, as well as perfectly fit into your interior. Wide prices range and consulting by Power Project company professionals will help you to choose individual chair model. You will be able to watch the chair for Home cinema live in our showroom ,which is situated in the centre of Kyiv.

Whole family sofas

And what can you do, when you would like to watch a movie not alone, but with your family or friends? You are able to order by our Power Project company chairs in different design variations: separate chair, double-chair or sofa. Imagine, now every family member will be able to set individually convenient back angle and the position of footrest. Modern sofa-recliner models could be also equipped with stands for food, drinks and popcorn. If you will order chair or sofa with massage or heating options, every family member will be thankful for you, because he will able just to come and relax with massage in the chair.

Chair for Home cinema advantages

  • You will get the maximum comfort during watching the movies;
  • Every spectator could set its individual back angle and the position of footrest;
  • Different design variations will allow you to choose the single chair, double-chair or whole family couch;
  • Recliner chair is made of high quality materials;
  • You are able to choose different decoration and color variations, depends on your wishes and interior of the room;
  • You will be able to equip your chair with D-box Technologies movement kinetic system.

Chair for Home cinema cost

Price of such a chair depends on functionality, which you want to get. Is it a simply cozy chair, recliner or even sofa. Chair design is also very important component, because leather chairs are very long-living and the price for them is higher. To find out approximate price of chair for Home cinema, order manager's call-back and he will not only tell you about the price, but also consult you with questions of interest.

Order manager's call-back
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