You will forget about home dust with Power Project central vacuum cleaner,
which is 5 times more powerful then regular one!

Why people install “Central vacuum cleaner” system?

Are you often clean your house or apartment? Imagine yourself the big, heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner, which you need to carry everywhere around the place; wires are always snared around the chair legs and loud noise, which deaf the phone call or people's voice. One day you doing cleaning – next day all the surfaces are dusty again. Our company, Power project helps you to find the solution of this problem. In order, to make your apartment permanent clean, we are offering you to supply your home with system of central dust extraction, because it is one of the most necessary smart home systems, as well as Lighting control, Smart curtains, Multiroom and Home Cinema.

Now, you could clean dusty surfaces without any efforts and labour and the cleaning time reduced, because central vacuum cleaner is 5 time more powerful then regular one. In some European countries about 20%-60% of houses are supplied with such vacuum cleaners. So, europeans are convinced on effectiveness of this home helper.

Technically, the Central vacuum cleaner installed, as system of hermetic pipelines (looks like pneumatic charging points), which are acceded to the main main unit – power unit. To make cleaning, you need just to join hosepipe to special charging point and then you could easily move around the home. Power unit could be placed everywhere around your house: in the basement, garage or utility room. Thanks to right projecting, there will be one pneumatic charging point on the floor, mostly in the centre of the floor, so the hosepipe could reach all the rooms.

Центральный Пылесос

Why Power Project?

Skills of installers are the most important feature, as well as equipment quality of the Central vacuum cleaner. If you are wrong with system project settings or size of the hosepipes, Central vacuum cleaner will be not effective. You can order professional consultation from Power Project, the company, which works for 10 years on automation market. We can consult you with all the selection and re-dust system installation questions. Our installers will calculate power of the unit you need and size of the hosepipes for your house. They will install Central vacuum cleaner to work in effective way. We are representatives of three leading brands: Canadian Cyclovac and Drainvac and Italian brand Disan.

Self Cleaning System

With Central vacuum cleaner you will get not only comfortable usage. Smart vacuum cleaner will make air fresh and clean. Imagine, you shouldn't shake out vacuum cleaner bag, after use, because in some models it is automated. It works on double filtration system (Cyclone and dual cartridge filter). So, you will get high-powered dust absorption for a long time, without your time on Central vacuum cleaner shaking out.

Центральный Пылесос 2

Pneumatic scoop

Kitchen and corridor are the most dirty places? Not a big deal. Special Pneumatic scoop will be used in such a places. Pneumatic scoop it is a special hole in the plinth, which are connected to the central unit. You need just to sweep away dust or dirt to this hole, push the special button and pipe will absorb all the trash. So, you shouldn't take the hosepipe, every time sand and trash will be gathered in your corridor. Pneumatic scoop is very comfortable and necessary requisite in daily use.

Advantages of Central vacuum cleaner system in Smart home:

• Now, your place will be total clean from dust and dir.
• Cleaning is an enjoyable experience, because you will have no need to carry vacuum cleaner and wires.
• During the cleaning, you shouldn't hear the loud noise of vacuum cleaner. You can do cleaning, even when baby sleeps or during watching TV.
• High power of the vacuum cleaner, helps you to deal with your home animal's wool. No noise will be good for it's nervous system.
• Variety of different nozzles will help you to reach all the hard places.
• You will get Pneumatic scoop for kitchen or corridor.

Central vacuum cleaner cost

Order the manager's call-back or free calculation and you will find out price of central vacuum cleaner, depends on size of your house and needed power block capacity.

Order manager's call-back
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