Forget about watering cans and hoses with automatic watering system

Why automated watering is needed?

Are you dreaming about bright, beautiful green lawn? Do you like well maintained flowerbeds, but you have not enough time to water them? Are you tired to cross all the area with watering cans and hoses? With automatic watering, your area will be green and well maintained, so it will please you and your visitors with bright colorful flowers.

Simple watering system works on predetermined schedule. You need to refill and check water storage tanks and change schedule all the time, depends on weather conditions. Anyway, it's better then crossing area with water can or hose but still this watering will take your time and demand lots of attention.

Smart Home watering automation is economy of your time and forces. You need just to set the program and system will make all the rest. It will water lawns, flowerbeds with flowers and even will come to plant roots. Imagine, you have no need to hire special man, who will look after your lawn, as you want it to be, so you can cut you personnel costs. Automatic watering system will make all by itself in any time of any season.

You can set a definite scenario for two times per day watering at definite period or you can set to start watering after you leave and it will be synchronized with safety system.

Water up to roots

Have you noticed, even after good watering some plants were withering. So, water wasn't get to roots and plants was without moisture they need. In this case, drip irrigation system can help, because it brings water up to the roots. And on different weather and even on hot summer, be sure – your plants will get moisture they need.

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Why Power Project?

Our company make all the works: from preparation of technical specification, projecting, installing equipment object delivery. So, you need to take decision only one time, when negotiating with us. In case of any troubleshooting, our team will make service maintenance to all installed equipment.

Individual settings for every zone

You can distribute your area on couple of watering zones, because some flowers need more moisture then others. Smart Home can control temperature, precipitation and required amount of water. So, system can automatically turn on watering facilities and set duration of every zone. If it is windy outside, system will reduce power in order to stay zoned.

System controls water level automatically, in order wanter will be not overflowed, and maintain determined temperature range.

Automatic area watering advantages:

  • Individual watering for every area zone
  • Program can set time and duration depends on weather conditions
  • You can set your own watering scenario
  • It will be enough moisture around roots of your plants, because of drop irrigation system
  • You have no need to wary about houseplants watering
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Cancel your “rain”

If it's rainy outside, you have no need to worry about watering system regulation schedule and set the time of next watering. Special sensors will determine the level of soil moisture and, in case of it is wet enough, reschedule next watering. But if your lawn still need some water aid, watering system will fix it.

Smart watering for houseplants

You have chance to surround your houseplants with care. Water will go to every plant with special tiny hosepipes. Amounts of water will be provided individually, because every plant need its own level of moisture. Imagine, every plant in your home will get a perfect doze of saving moisture.

System's cost

Order the call-back or ask your question to online-consultant and you will get the price, depends on size of your area and functions you need. You can also order free project pricing with click on the image on the top.

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