SPA-zone automation

Why SPA-zones automation is needed?

Do you like to chill and relax? You have your own sauna but you are getting tired to wait until it heats up. And after all procedures, you need time to dry the room. Power Project company suggest you to automatize all the processes and make your chill-zone smart.

Spa-zone automation means, Smart Home will prepare Spa-zone for spending time with comfort and in the end, it will make room dry. You can be sured in safety, because anti-leak system will help you to forget about leakages. You can enjoy your rest with protected water-resistant TVs and listen through the Multiroom your favourite songs. You will have no need in switchers, because lighting will be turned on or off automatically, when you are going in or out Spa-zone.

Smart Home systems integration

Integration with other systems of Smart Home will provide you a comfortable and safe rest in the Spa-zone. It will make a good inside microclimate, lighting control will put perfect lighting and main, the anti-leak control will bring you safety from leakages. Multiroom system system with central call function, you can hear doorbell during taking bath with your favourite music. Multiroom can translate video on waterproof screen and your rest will be truly Edenic!

автоматизация спа-зоны

Why Power Project?

Do you the system will prepare sauna before your arrival? So, you need to turn to professionals, in order they count and program the right time of sauna preparation for your rest and coordinate all the systems interaction correctly. Power project professionals will make electric devices usage in such an areas like sauna or bathroom safe for you. You will enjoy relaxation with your friends and Smart Home system.

Smart bathroom (smart bathroom control)

Smart Home system will prepare your bathroom. With one click on the special touchpad control panel you can regulate water temperature, add some sea salt or foam. You can put individual settings and bath will be prepared up to a certain time and then, you can save the scenario. You will have no need to spend your time on efforts to prepare bath, because you can make it with your phone from any place and in any time.

System will control water level and bath never will be flooded out of the measures, as well, as control your temperature regime.

Smart Spa-zone advantages

  • You can set relax-zone warming up on any time.
  • You can listen to the music or watching TV.
  • Different lighting level installation or backlight color.
  • You can safely use electric and media devices.
  • Automatic ventilation will dry your room after use.
  • Anti-leak control, will warn you about unexpected leakages of fluids.
  • You can regulate climate regime with your smartphone or central control panel.
автоматизация спа-зоны PowerProject

Sauna and vaporarium lighting scenarios

Do you want to make a romantic mood in your Spa-zone with one touch? Imagine, romantic music will be turned on, muted light will make an intimate atmosphere and light pleasant aroma will spread the room. Or you can invite friends and put on “party” scenario. Brace music will be turned on, light performances will be changing and ventilation will work on full power, to make air fresh.

SPA-zone automation cost

Price of such a system, depends on your relax-zone sizes and functions you need. You can order free project pricing and our specialists will calculate the approximate cost for you relax-zone. Order the call-back or ask your question to online-consultant and you will get all the answers and optimal recommendations, depends on sizes of your SPA-zone.

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