Automatic change of backlight color.

Why automatic change of backlight color is needed?

Do you want to express your mood with things that surround you? Or you want to bring some bright colors to your life and feel yourself comfortable and cozy? We suggest you new trend in Smart Home lighting - Automatic change of backlight color. Change color up to your current mood or create a right atmosphere to for any event.

With Automatic change of backlight color you will make your interior more refined and modern. You can set any lighting, depends on your mood and desire. Installing your own backlight scenario, you will get the atmosphere you want with one touch on your smartphone or sensor panel. You can tune smooth and slow color change, as well as set its daytime changing.


Where System of backlight color regulation is installed?

  • At home. You can install such a lighting on your ceiling, living room, kitchen or any other place, where you want to enjoy the atmosphere you created.
  • Outside. With colorful lighting you can decorate your facade. Now, your guest will get good impression and mood for the whole evening.
  • At interior. You can create accent lighting, to bring imperceptible details to front master plan. For example, your favourite painting or shelf with objects of your pride.

Why Power Project?

Any Smart Home systems installation will requires lots of operations and experience in all technical moments. Our company works with automation for 10 years and we know all nuances, that should be taken into account, when projecting and installing systems. All the work steps from technical documentation creating, projecting, equipment setting and object delivery are on our specialists terms. With us you can be sured in right choice!

Lighting on Ladder – Confidence in each step !

Если у Вас есть в доме лестница, то в ночное время Вы наверняка сталкивались с проблемой как спуститься с нее и не упасть. If you have a ladder at your house and at a nighttime you could be faced with a problem, how to descend and not to fall down. There is a solution! To make your descent and ascent safe, install automatic backlight on stairs. You can install small lamps on some distances if you wish. Just imagine, you are coming to the ladder and with descent or ascent lamps turning on with different colors greeting you. It will look very showily, unusually and main, your descent and ascent will be safe!

Advantages of Automatic backlight color change system

  • You can change backlight color, up to your mood and atmosphere that surround you.
  • Control color backlight with your smartphone or sensor panel.
  • You can create your own lighting scenario and turn on colors you want jut with one touch.
  • Install automatic backlight on ladder and be confident in each your step.

Automatic backlight system cost

Pricing of such a system will depend on quantity of zones and rooms, where you want to install backlight. For approximate pricing push on Free project pricing image on the top and after pre-counting our manager will send you E-mail or get in contact with you by phone. If you have some questions, you can get all the answers from our online consultant with a form below. You can order a call-back and we will call you in any convenient time for you.

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