Air humidification.
Healthy climate at your home!

Why air humidification system is needed?

Are you tired of the stuffy and stale air in the room? Do you know, how this harmful it is for your health is and that it could promote the development of pathogenic microbes? In the winter time, you need always to breath in just dry air, because of switched-on heating. Air humidification system in Smart Home help you to solve this problems, without your intervention. You need just to set on the smartphone comfortable conditions for you and house will always maintain favorable microclimate.

Air humidification system in Smart Home

How Air humidification system works? Your rooms will be supplied with special detectors. They are connected to a single control center, and if the room humidity falls below normal, Smart Home will turn air humidification on. Connect air humidification system to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and you will become full smart climate-control system. System will create a favorable microclimate for each room and maintain the desired temperature. You are just setting desired parameters on your smartphone or sensor panel.


Air humidification system in your house with Power Project company

With Power Project you could become at your house not only pure and fresh air. At the one time you can order the audio/video equipment, automated lighting, security systems, and you will have no need to go to a few companies and sign a contract with each one. Apply to our showroom in the centre of Kyiv, with a push on blue button on the top of the page and you could watch on Smart Home system in motion and manage different automated systems with a smartphone.

Air humidification system in Smart Home advantages:

  • Optimal humidity of 40-60% will be maintained in you rooms
  • In the Smart Home air humidification, air conditioning, heating and ventilation work as a united system and devices create the necessary microclimate for each room. You need just to set the parameters
  • You can control climate technic and set any parameters with sensor panel or your smartphone
  • Coordinated work of the climate equipment saves your time and power resources

Air humidification system cost

Price of air humidification system depends on what you need – just usual sprinkling of steam in the room or you want to interact it with other climatic systems. In the second case you will pass all electronic management to Smart Home, and you could just set up optimal conditions. To find out approximate cost of air humidification system, order free calculation on the top of the page.

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