Access control with Biometrics.
Forget about passwords, keys and magnetic cards. You personal doors opener is always with you!

Why Access control with Biometrics is needed?

What kind of protection means we are not using, to protect our house or private territory. But sometimes it is not enough. Access password could be guessed, keys could be duplicated or even with using a simple picklock unwanted guests could enter into your ownerships. Biometric lock become an invention for modern security systems, because individual features of human could be not replicated or forged. You could forget about access passwords and keys, because now you will be able to unlock doors with fingerprints and retina, which are always with you.

Biometric access control in Smart Home

Biometric access control is not widespread technology on the moment, that's why your using it will be a sign of prestige and your modernity. The construction of lock allows you to manage it simply and easily. It could be a part of Smart Home, because, like other systems, biometric lock could provide the necessary ease and comfort.

Imagine, that you have a personal office. You are coming to the door and scan you finger. As soon, as system recognize your entrance admission, necessary lighting will be turn on in the office, ventilation, air condition and heating will be activated. Smart Home is created in purpose to make your life easier and don't spend your time on routine of day life. You could incorporate a biometric lock into the main security system, and in case of someone strange will scan its finger, you will be notified about case of unsuccessful penetration into your personal area.

Count working time of employees with biometric access control

Not all of the employees are coming to work on time and vice versa, leaving work before the end of working shift. Install access biometric control for yourself and you will be able to count working time of every employee and don't pay for unworked hours. Also, you will be able to separate the rooms with with access or limited access for different kinds of employees. Why it is effective with biometrics, but not magnetic cards and keys? Because, they are easy to lost, forget or pass to another person. More than 74% of organizations are losing money because of the phenomenon of friendly fraud, when employees pass magnetic cards to each other, in order to check in the correct time of arrival and departure. Fingerprints are impossible to falsify, that's why biometric devices will be the irreplaceable assistant in your business.


Why Power Project?

We give people a possibility to feel themselves modern and advanced in the field of technological innovations. Power Project Smart Home will add prestige to you. You will feel yourself more confident and relaxed, at the same time, because ordinary and everyday processes will be reduced to a minimum, and at the same time will bring you maximal comfort. Smart lock is obliged to be in the Smart Home, because except convenience, it also provides security. Call to us on phone numbers below and in certain time, modern access control with biometrics will be installed in your home or office!

What is access control with biometrics?

Biometric lock – automated method of person identification with its biological features: fingerprints and retina. Biometric control program works in way, to scan fingerprint or retina in the couple of seconds, check them into the base and decide to give access or not for person. In this way you could allow access to the room for certain people. For example, to separate households' zones and maidservant's zones with different access limits.

Lock is working on simple penlight batteries and is not connected to internet, so, there is no chance of information with your fingerprints leakage. Biometric locks are reliable, because every human has it individual biological features and they are hardly to falsify or make a copy. But with a strong frost, it may be deactivated, so it is not recommended to install it on front doors. Biometric lock is better to install on the second door or vestibule.

Access control with biometric advantages:

  • Only people with your permission to access, could enter into locked room, using their fingerprint or retina.
  • You will have no need to use magnetic cards, keys or dial the access code.
  • You need just to bring you finger or eye to the camera and doors will be unlocked automatically.
  • Strangers will have no chance to enter inside the room.
  • If you have left the door opened, system will inform you, about it with sound signal.
  • You can check battery state of charge.
  • It is possible to integrate biometric lock into Smart Home system.
  • Check the time of arriving and departure of your employees, with installation of such a lock in your office.

Biometric access control cost.

Price of lock with biometric will depend on your goals. Are you enough to have just a lock with scanner or you want to integrate it with Smart Home. Perhaps you want to have an additional panel for digital combinations input and possibility of accounting your employees and guests arrival/departure time. Order manager's call-back and you will get answers on interesting for you questions and leave an application for free calculation and our company will get in touch with you on any convenient time for you.

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