4 reasons to install Power Project scenario lighting control system

Scenario lighting control systems

Do you have lots of lighting sources? Every one of them you need to switch on and adjust lighting up to your mood, day time or activity, you occupied with. It takes some time, and every day routine begins to get boring. In order to save your time and certain energy costs with comfort, we offer you to use scenario lighting control system.

Lighting control scenarios allow you to quickly and easily incorporate certain groups of light, engage lighting sources and create your personal atmosphere. You can set light fixtures switch on in different sequence, speed and brightness.


Reasons listed on the right helps you to understand, that lighting control system installation is not only functional acquisition, bur also the system, that saves your time. In order to see, how lighting scenario control system works and other Smart Home systems like home cinema, multiroom, curtains control, IP video surveillance apply to our showroom. We are situated right in the Kyiv's city centre, we are easily accessible and we are open to you, at any time. Apply to our show room with a link.

Why you need lighting scenario control system?

  1. Speed. Now you must to do some every day routine actions and to spend a certain time for in: to switch on one or another lighting sources, to go to shut down curtains, to switch on TV. Replace all of these actions with one push of the button on remote controller. Fast and easily create your personal lighting scenarios.
  2. Comfort. To switch on necessary lighting sources, you need to stand up from bad or coach? Lighting control system helps you to switch on necessary lighting from any place of your home, and even outside, controlling in from your smartphone or tablet. Create your lighting scenarios comfortably!
  3. Functionality. Lighting control scenarios are easily integrated with different smart home systems. Imagine, that just with one click, you will be able to create celebration atmosphere in your home, with switch on of bright lightning, shut down of curtains or louvers, music will be playing in every room, thanks to multiroom system, and climate control will provide comfortable and cozy stay indoors. With personal lighting scenarios you could create any atmosphere in a room, highlight and emphasize any design dignity of any room.
  4. Saving. Have you had to deal with the situation, when you are turning lights, but lightning is not enough, or conversely, it is too bright? You could set up scenario, which will choose lighting automatically and switch on necessary lighting sources, depends on day time or season. You would not spend your time on desired lighting selection and energy costs will be reduced, because of economical lighting sources engagement.
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